Margarita Moore Announces Campaign On Indiegogo For Project G7 Solar Phones

Inventor Margarita Moore announces launch of fund raising campaign on Indiegogo for her project G7 Solar, a solar phone project.

Margarita Moore, a technology enthusiast and inventor, has announced that her campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for her G7 Solar project is now live. The G7 Solar is an innovative idea by the enthusiastic inventor as it comes with integrated solar panels on existing phones making it one of a kind.

“We are excited about this new original mobile phone, the Curve smart phone that can replace most conventional mobile phone that’s available on the market now,” says Margarita Moore about her newest invention. This phone is unique because this is the only one that has integrated solar panels. We are seeking finance through crowdfunding on Indiegogo to cover the cost of creating a working prototype and research development, license agreement, royalty and other expenses.”

Margarita has talked to many major mobile phone companies including Samsung, LG, and ZTE at the Mobile World Congress in California. They all insisted on a working prototype before they could get involved in the project. The solar phone prototype will cost $350,000 approximately. Also, there is the additional cost of CAD, drawings, solar panel, testing and plugging up the system. The working prototype is of critical importance if Margarita has to make any progress on this project.

The G7 Solar Phone can offer a host of benefits to the user. The curved smartphone can function as a cellular phone or as a landline as well. The curved body design is small and compact enough to fit in a purse or pocket. It comes with an LCD touch screen and a host of other features and functionalities associated with advanced smartphones of today such as GPS tracking, HD video, wireless functionalities and others.

The G7 solar phone has been designed to recharge by using the solar panel on the top of the phone.  The designing has been done to enable the panel to absorb sunlight and UV light to power the battery. The unique, retro style design makes the phone stand out in the crowd.

The biggest problem that users of conventional smartphones, tablets, and other devices face is the lack of battery power available for these devices. They often lose power at critical junctures of their personal or business tasks. It becomes imperative to carry chargers or power banks and other support systems. This problem can be effectively addresses with G7 solar phones. It can charge itself during the day and obliterates the inconvenience of carrying a charger. It has a unique look too and is also Bluetooth compatible.

The Indiegogo campaign by Margarita Moore for the G7 Solar Phone project has a flexible financial goal of $350,000. The team has two months to try and hit the financial goal.

About G7 Solar Phone:

G7 Solar Phone is a project by Margarita Moore and her team. It is an exciting new original curve smart phone that can be used as a mobile phone as well as a landline. The one-of-a-kind retro style phone has the latest technology and features, self-charges during the day and is extremely convenient to carry. The solar panel on the top portion absorbs sunlight or any UV light to power the battery.

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