Manchester NH Residents Face the Threat of Radon, the 2nd Leading Cause of Cancer, on a Daily Basis!

With the help of Advanced Radon Mitigation, homeowners don’t have to worry about the threat of undetectable radon in their air or water supply. As the 2nd leading cause of cancer, investing in radon mitigation is an essential service for every Manchester, NH home.

MANCHESTER, NH — Radon is a radioactive gas that is often found in air and water. As this gas is odorless, colorless and even tasteless, it can be present in any home, while also remaining completely undetectable. The Environmental Protection Agency reported that after cigarette smoking, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. If this is the potential consequence of radon, it only makes sense that homeowners look to radon mitigation professionals to help them rid their home of this toxic and dangerous chemical.

While radon is a naturally occurring gas, produced by the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and water, it is an extremely dangerous substance to ingest and breathe in. The air pressure within a home is typically lower than the air pressure in the soil around the home’s foundation. This difference in pressure is what draws radon through the foundation cracks and openings, and into the home.

In Manchester, NH, professionals at Advanced Radon Mitigation are the local experts in radon removal. As a radon mitigation contractor, this team is committed to implementing effective techniques that guarantee to eliminate this carcinogenic substance from all air and water sources. The radon mitigation process involves testing homes for radon levels, and then quickly and efficiently installing an aeration system to ensure the removal of all radon.

According to this contractor, the North, East and Southeastern parts of New Hampshire are the areas of the state that are at the most risk of increased radon levels. Homes in these areas with well water are at an ever higher risk of radon infiltration.

Advanced Radon Mitigation has provided superior mitigation services since 1997.  To learn more about their water mitigation and air mitigation, call (603) 556-4338 today. This local contractor serves homes throughout the areas of Manchester, Concord, Salem, Rochester, Laconia, Dover, Portsmouth and New London, New Hampshire.

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