Man in Rabbit Suit Goes on Rampage

Bunnyman, as seen in the movie “Bunnyman Massacre”
It happened in 1970, and now it’s happening again

A new film sheds light on one of America’s lesser-known but exceedingly frightening serial killers, Bunny Man. In Burke, Virginia in 1970, a man in a rabbit costume was reported to be threatening people with an axe. At the time, despite an investigation by the Fairfax County Police into the incidents, there wasn’t enough evidence to go on. In the weeks following the incidents, more than 50 people contacted the police claiming to have seen the man in the bunny suit. Around the same time, locals were said to have found hundreds of cleanly skinned, rabbit carcasses hanging from the trees in the surrounding areas. Though there were some suspects, nobody was ever caught or charged, thus it’s still anyone’s guess who the real ‘Bunny Man’ is – and it’s a mystery that’s captivated Americans now for over 40 years.

Bunnyman Massacre director Carl Lindbergh has intentionally steered clear of most of the facts, believing the mystery behind the murderous figure is part of the tale’s appeal.

“Who Bunnyman is, is never fully explained. I feel the mystery of the character is more intriguing than any answer I could come up with.”

The movie is “completely fictional” as far as Lindbergh is concerned, with only the title character borrowed from the pages of history.

In Bunnyman Massacre, on DVD in July, the townspeople of a rural ghost town find themselves targeted by the bloody-hungry, costume-wearing murderer.

Even though the Bunnyman of the movies is only loosely based on the real-life monster, audiences seem to be scared stiff by the film freak.

“Why is he frightening? I feel there’s two factors”, explains Lindbergh, who is currently working on his third Bunnyman movie. “One being the mask Bunnyman wears…. something seemingly so innocent doing things that are so wrong. That leads me to the other part of what makes Bunnyman scary, the unpredictable nature of the films and the Bunnyman character. We never know what Bunnyman will do, or what situation the character will get himself into.”

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