Main good features of the advanced microfiber leather

Microfiber leather is the best natural leather replacement product.

First, the folding fastness of the microfiber leather can be comparable to natural leather. Bending degree at room temperature could be up to 20 million times without cracking. In the low temperature environment, it could be bent for 30,000 times without cracking.

Second, this leather material has moderate elongation and the skin appearance feeling feel good.

Thirdly, the microfiber leather has high tearing strength and high peeling strength. On the other hand, the leather has high abrasion resistance, tearing strength and high tensile strength

Fourthly, there will be no pollution from production to use for this product. That is to say the environmental protection feature for this material is superior.

If you do not observe it carefully, you could find that the appearance of the microfiber leather is most like the genuine leather. If you find dirty on it, you could use the high-grade gasoline or water to scrub it. Please remember that other kind of organic solvents or the related products with alkaline substances could not be used for clean this product, as it will cause into unimaginable damage.


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