Main compositions of the LCD Polarizer Film

May 21, 2015 – America – Today, the famous LCD Polarizer Film and mobile phone LCD repair online seller will tell people main composition of the LCD Polarizer Film.

Polarizing layer

This part of the LCD repair machine is made of dyed stretch PVA and it could be regarded as the main part of the polarizing film. Polarizing layer could determine the polarization characteristic of the polarizer and transmittance. It could also affect the polaroid shades and optical durability of this part.

TAC layers

As the layer of PVA will easy to absorb water and then lose the good polarization performance, it requires good transparency TAC at each side of this layer. This part could help to better cut off moisture and then protect the polarizing layer.


It can be divided into the reflective film side adhesive and peeling film side adhesive. This substance could help to firmly bond the reflective TAC film.

Separate film

This film is the PET film which single side has been coated with the silicon. The main role of this film is to protect the sensitive adhesive layer. Its peeling force will have certain influence to the LCD film.

Protective film

This is one kind of PE film which single layer has been coated with EVA substance. It plays a role in protecting TAC film surface.

Reflective film

This is unilateral steaming aluminum PET film. Now, most of those LCD Polarizer Film adopt this kind of reflective film.

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