Main application areas of the newly interactive floor and wall system

April 17, 2014-China- What are the main applying areas of the interactive floor system? Maybe people have every heard about the interactive system and want to order one set of this system to boost business company reputation or for other purposes. Today, this article from blog of which is famous China interactive floor supplier could let each client know more about the applying areas. Knowing more about its application could help client deeply understand the function of this device.

The first applying area should be the perennial and exhibition hall such as Science and Technology Museum, trade pavilions, theme pavilions, enterprise halls and many other perennial corporate pavilions. For these exhibition halls, in addition to showing the performance of its core exhibits, these halls also pay increasingly attention on new forms of audience participation and interaction. For this purpose, the interactive floor and floor projection could easily help them achieve this goal with its features of non-restraint and non-contact.

As the introduction from the editor, the secondly applying area of this interactive floor system should be the exhibition site. Nowadays, the time for most of exhibition is only three days or more. Within this short period of time, each participating exhibitor aims at spread corporate image and their products to the target audience. How to better attract the attention of the target audience and customers? How to make the targeted audience and customers pay more attention to your booth? How to stand out among all of these competitors? For all of these above problems, the interactive floor system which has leading technology content and new forms of expression should be the best method to attract the attention of the targeted audience and customers.

The third applying areas should be the shopping malls and supermarkets. A set of media advertising interactive floor projection system could be installed at the center of the floor mall or supermarkets and it could regular show themed events or specific merchant product information of shopping malls or supermarkets. This system is not only the customer interactive device but also the advertising medium and platform of supermarkets.

The luxury hotels should be another applying site of the interactive system. Whether it is the hotel where has the luxurious decoration or the simple and practical hotel chain, the lobby should be essential area where is both the distribution area of passenger but also a function guests rest and recreation area. This interactive floor projection system could be applied into this area, which could not only entertaining guests but also attract more passengers. This device could bring more excitement feeling.

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