Apr 3, 2018 – Based Australia but available worldwide, MACK Hosting is revolutionizing the domain and host provider industry. MACK Hosting endows their clients the power to run their servers and websites with strength, passion and vigor in a way that seamlessly displays their products or ideas.

MACK Hosting is looking to expand from being based just in Australia to around the globe in multiple offices to enhance their customer support and broadband reach. Soon, their main offices will be located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and one more in Europe.

At MACK Hosting, they wish to provide any client, large or small, with the opportunity to run their own domain with the loaned power of MACK Hosting. MACK specializes in enterprise hosting which provides companies with a one on one account manager whose dedication will solve all of the company’s enterprise issues with their custom server. MACK’s partnership with IT teams allows for an expedited solution process and super-fast, reliable servers. Whether you are an individual salesman or woman, or a large-scaled company, MACK Hosting’s wide array of services will be available to aid your online needs. Furthermore, both startup companies with little establishment into the community and well-established/well-known brands can apply for their very own domain or a hosted server of their own at an affordable price. MACK Hosting helps to take the stress off of running your own server or coming up with a unique and attractive domain name with their “peace of mind” policy.

Why Choose MACK?

MACK Hosting is light years ahead of its competition. They offer hosting on SSD servers which are up to 10 times faster than what other hosting providers offer with normal HDD server packages. MACK Hosting is perfect for a new business or one that has been around for ages – with services from creating a domain, finding the perfect name, server hosting, email hosting, advanced marketing strategies, and Linux, windows and VPS servers available, there’s no better option!

No matter where you are in the world, MACK Hosting can supply you with the perfect platform to flourish and grow your business with the help of their Intel chips. Their 3 data centers worldwide ensure fast speeds and uptime of your website or domain no matter where you are based. MACK Hosting gives you the opportunity and freedom to reach into the digital world and increase overall company engagement.

MACK Hosting’s prices are unbeatable within the server hosting industries– starting at just $3.99 per month, MACK Hosting keeps all clients, both small and large businesses, in mind. MACK Hosting allows low-budget business like college-startups and university business to skyrocket their business’ online personality and footprint by providing an affordable way to expand. MACK Hosting even provides customized packages at prices that suit all budgets and client requirements.

If you’re in need of an international domain registrar and hosting provider, MACK Hosting’s incomparable prices, lightning fast server speeds, and customer engagement is the perfect fit to help boost your business’ exposure and conversions.

If you are interested in MACK Hosting, visit their website, or contact them at

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