Luis Valdes Memos Trump On Immigration In The Wall Street Journal

Luis Valdes | Corporate Communication Manager- Latin America
Former pharma all star Luis Valdes reappears in the public eye after leaving the industry in 2012. Valdes was known for targeting non performing geographies in Florida and within three months have those targeted areas producing millions in sales. A recent public filing shows Valdes plans to incorporate a “c” corporation under the name Luis Valdes International Horizons Corporation with an offering of 10 million shares- the nominal value is yet to be disclosed.

Not only has the former pharmaceutical  oracle boy resurfaced in the world of private equity but now you can even catch him in action as a commentator within the WSJ. In yesterday’s journal he not only made a rare public appearance  he also declared himself as part of the rare Hispanic minority that is pro Donald Trump who intends to vote for the Republican Party’s Presidential Candidate. However, Valdes did suggest a few modifications  to  Mr. Trump and his campaign regarding the topic of immigration.

Could positioning immigration in  a business perspective perhaps lighten Trump’s stance?


“Please Pass To Trump:

First off I am a Trump fan, I’m going to vote for him, and yes I am 100% Hispanic. However,  I wish  that someone within Trump’s campaign would share with him how documenting the immigrants that have come to the US to make an honest living and have a clean track could potentially be a game changer to help pay  for the  national debt.

Simple example:  Let’s say 11 million people  are undocumented and you document them (doesn’t have to be amnesty, visa, or permanent residency), that’s potentially 11 million  extra people on the IRS payroll. It’s a simple principle.  Also, once someone is documented that  could could open the opportunity for that person to start a credit history, go out and buy a car, and other  assets that help move the needle for the economy.

As far deportation goes… Guess what? I’m okay with it. Let’s  tweak the message though… Deport those immigrants in our jails/ prisons who are freeloading with our tax dollars.”

(Response To Valdes)

@Luis Valdes CBO has said that getting 11 million undocumented into the nations system would add about 1.5% a year to our GDP.  Likewise, removing same number from the country results in GDP reduction of 3%. So, explain why you want a candidate who understand none of this and if he is elected, shortfall in GDP is 4.5%.

(Response from Valdes) 

I tend not to comment on what someone else said. Especially from the CBO who has all the answers and experts yet we are still in the red. GDP can be tricky… could be positioned as a hypothetical like your prior statement, current, past or leading indicator. It’s hard to calculate what people earn if they dont report since they are undocumented. 

I was simply pointing out that documentation helps capture extra tax revenue. Remember, assets also have sales tax. Lastly, most people don’t realize that undocumented aliens dont get the government funded benfits like welfare because they have no papers to process.  The only choice is to get up everyday go to work and make it happen.. No one is going to do it for them.

Measuring GDP is complicated (which is why we leave it to the economists), but at its most basic, the calculation can be done in one of two ways: either by adding up what everyone earned in a year (income approach), or by adding up what everyone spent (expenditure method). Logically, both measures should arrive at roughly the same total. – Investopedia

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