Loving city riding, you can’t miss Airwheel Z5 folding electric standing scooter

For most riders who love city riding, the recent new gadget Airwheel Z5 standing up electric scooter maybe is one of the most notable riding equipment currently. Meanwhile, the exquisite, portable and detailed design makes Airwheel Z5 can be competent for daily commuting and holiday travelling with private cars.

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Refreshing breeze, accessible civic landscape and go-as-you-please free make riders fall in love with riding in city roads. Most riders are not only willing to choose riding in short-distance travelling but also will regard riding as a way of relaxing themselves in their leisure time. Joyous riding experience naturally needs a good riding vehicle. Here a popular intelligent vehicle will be introduced in the following passages, that is Airwheel Z5 folding electric scooter.

foldable electric scooter for adults
An essential issue for riding in city roads shall be the parking for most riders. When you find a very interesting shop and want to step into it or when you need to buy something in Wal-Mart, parking has always been the problem. With the increasing car ownership, the parking spaces get less and less. Moreover, bicycles need to be locked firmly in case of being stolen. However, the carry-on Z5 electric standing scooter does not need to be parked since the size after folding and the weight allow riders to take it with themselves easily.

razor scooter for adults

The folding joint design of Z5 razor scooter for adults is a big spot. The concealed foldable joint design looks like more elegant. Also, considering the steady issue under folding status, Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter has a hook located in the top of the operating arm which can finely hook up the groove in the rear wheel.

With the triple folding system, Z5 electric self-balancing scooter can be easily stored in public vehicles or private car trunks. Plus, the USB port installed in the cuboid battery package can be acted as the portable moving power source for charging intelligent daily devices such as iPad, iPhone or cameras, etc. In order to satisfy riders with different statures, Z5 razor electric scooter’s operating arm can be adjusted. Riders can lower or raise the height of operating arm for seeking the most comfortable riding posture.

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To sum up, Airwheel Z5 is a very portable vehicle that better suits city riding.

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