Long Sitting Hours May Be Behind The Rise Of Back Problems And Posture, Posture Brace Store Increase In Sales.

Posture-Braces.com, an online store created exclusively to offer premium quality posture correction and shoulder support braces that help relieve the pressure on the back muscles by help maintaining a proper posture and support, recently revealed that their online store has seen an influx of people looking for posture correction and shoulder support braces. According to Posture-Braces.com, a major reason behind this trend is the long hours spent on the computer and smartphone use that is causing back problems among adults of all ages.

Unsurprisingly, the statistic on the matter back Posture-Braces.com claims. According to an Annals of Internal Medicine report from 2015, there is a strong association between prolonged sitting and a higher risk of developing multiple serious health issues including poor posture and spinal problems even for those who exercise regularly. Most people will agree that long hours sitting at a desk slouching in front of a computer screen or bending over a phone or a tablet day in and day out has left their spine and back muscles stiff and sore. Additionally, slouching has an impact on spine alignment, which results in a poor posture that further increasing the pressure in muscles.

Posture-Braces.com spokesperson said, “Slouching hurts the body in many ways. The modern world is experiencing the consequences of excessive use of technology, especially smartphones and computers. The long hours spent on the computer or being glued to a smartphone can really take its toll by putting immense pressure on the back muscles, resulting in poor or swayback postures. This tension in the muscles is a major cause of chronic back pains, neck pains, shoulder strains and even causes lower energy levels.”

Fortunately, there are many ways to improve, reverse and prevent the damage, experts suggest sitting less and standing more. According to the Cornell University Department of Ergonomics, sitting puts 90% more pressure on the back as compared to standing. Also incorporating exercise including yoga can alleviate the stress and pressure on the muscles. Investing in an ergonomic chair or a back brace for work can prevent further damage from happening. 


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