Long Point Conference Centre Takes Christian Campsites to New Level

Sunset in the scenic bush reserve casts a glow on LPCC’s freshly painted cabins.
The conference centre previously known as Long Point Camp has an almost two decade long history of accommodating external guests on the historic property. But a lot has changed for the better since the Sydney Olympic Games bus drivers arrived for their almost 3 weeks stay, over 17 years ago.

That’s not to say that there was anything wrong with the place back then. Long Point Camp looked and sounded like a camp; old, run down, and looking very much the worse for wear. The rustic entrance resembled many of the neighbouring acreages, and only the official sign at the entrance gate provided any clear indication that this could be anything but a normal ‘private’ property. Venturing up the driveway, there wasn’t really much to tell the property apart from many other Christian campsites – an old swimming pool thoughtfully enclosed with a barbed wire fence, a small sports field and a spacious children’s playground being among the outdoor offerings.

The Sydney 2000 Olympics changed all that – the management of the day were quick to capitalise on the opportunity this historic event provided, successfully tendering for the privilege of treating the Olympic Games bus drivers to several weeks’ meals, accommodation and good old customer service. In the 15 or so years which followed, Long Point Conference Centre saw steady but gradual improvements to its facilities, and a steady increase in interest from religious and school groups keen to secure a slot on the calendar for their annual Christian camping retreat or other function. In the last few years, a series of significant maintenance face-lifts have been undertaken, and LPCC has invested significantly in modern indoor and outdoor furniture, much to the delight of their guests.

Today, Long Point Conference Centre is barely recognisable from its humble beginnings. It boasts an expanded and refurbished swimming pool area with adjoining wood-fired sauna, an impressive, full size and fully lit sports field, newly renovated and air-conditioned cabins, a cosy café’ and an auditorium with seating for up to 200 guests.  While still a historic mission centre and Christian campsite at heart, there’s no doubt that Long Point Conference Centre has also earned its place among the successful and popular conference centres in and around Sydney.

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