London Eyelash Extension Technician Reveals Russian 3D and 6D Lashes Are a New Craze for Lash Extension Clients

Russian lash extensions – before and after
New style of lashes for increased thickness and a more glamorous look.

London, UK – June 04, 2014 – Jeanette Vince, leading eyelash extensions London technician, today revealed how a new style of lashes from Russia are the latest craze in lash extensions and proving to be very popular with clients in her London salon.

The lashes are known as 3D and 6D lashes depending on their fullness. This new style is an ideal solution for women who have very sparse eyelashes, or those who  want a glamorous look for special occasions or for night wear.

Until now, the procedure of fixing eyelash extensions involved a fiddly process where a trained technician would add a single false eyelash onto the existing lash. This would give the lashes a longer and fuller appearance, and although eyelash extensions are sometimes referred to as permanent eyelash extensions, this is not strictly a good description because the lashes will fall out when the host lash drops out after around for five weeks, so treatments do need to be repeated around once every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain the look.

The new system involves using lashes imported from Russia that are grouped together as they are six lashes typically, and then placed on a single host lash. Because of very high quality of the Russian lashes, the six lashes do not weigh more than a single regular eyelash extension, meaning they will not damage the original lashes or feel any heavier on the eyes than the eyelash extensions users are accustomed to.

Jeanette is adamant to make it clear that the new technique should not be confused with cluster lashes, which are placed along the eyelash line covering a number of lashes at one time. This is not a technique that Jeanette approves of in any way or form, because she claims this system can cause a lot of damage to the original lashes, as they are unable to fall out naturally, as they are forced in place by glue and the cluster lashes.

Ms Vince says the new style of lashes are proving to be one of the most popular options for gaining thicker lashes among her customers – both new and old.

Jeanette currently offers two styles of Russian lashes you can opt for a more natural look which makes your eyelashes appear full and lush, but others would probably not suspect that you are wearing synthetic lashes. Alternatively, you can go for what she describes as a “full on glamour look”. As suggested, this look is ideal if the wearer desires to have a very glamorous appearance, but the customer should not expect that the lashes appear natural.

To contact Jeanette with regards to having Russian lashes fixed or traditional eyelash extensions, please visit the website link below.

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