London Botox Beauty Technician Tells What Spanish Survey On Anti-Wrinkle Cream Really Reveals

A surprising Spanish survey reveals one of the cheapest anti-wrinkle creams available in the country was also the most efficient.

London, UK – June 5th – When it comes to wrinkle creams and anti-ageing treatments, a large percentage of consumers are under the impression that the higher the price the more effective the treatment. However, a recent survey undertaken by Spain’s principal consumer watchdog, the OCU, revealed that one of the cheapest creams on the market German retail chain Lidl’s “Cien Crema de Día Q10” or Lidl’s “Cien Day Cream Q10” as it is known in English, is in fact the most effective cream available in the country. This budget anti-aging treatment sells at just €2.99, or around £2.40.

London Botox clinic owner, Sheridan France gave her opinion on the results of the survey during an interview in her Harley Street clinic today.

“I was rather surprised, I must admit”, said Sheridan. The second bestselling product was a cream by Eucerin, which like the Lidl cream is also made by a German company. I know in the UK this cream costs around £30, and I must admit I would be far more likely to purchase this item than the Lidl winner”.

When asked if Sheridan will be recommending the cream to her clients, she responded in the negative. “If you look at the results in detail, you will notice that none of the creams tested were actually very impressive. The winning cream was simply better than the others in that it helped retain moisture in the skin, which is always going to give a more youthful appearance and a reduction in lines. However, the same results can be achieved by drinking plenty of water each day, avoiding extreme temperatures, and cutting out salty processed foods. This is the type of advice I offer my clients as opposed to recommending any brand or anti-wrinkle products”.

Sheridan did however say she would mention the results of the test to her clients if questioned. “If they tell me they are thinking of spending £100 on a product that will make very little if any difference to their skin, I would certainly recommend they spend only £3 instead. But then again, we must remember that what works well for one person may not necessarily work for everyone. For this reason I prefer to stick with tried and tested non-invasive procedures such as Botox injections, Restylane® Lipp and Juvéderm® Ultra treatments, and skin peels. These are anbt wrinkle methods that will have practically the same encouraging results for everybody, and the client does not have to wait months to see if a certain treatment will have a positive impact.”

From her central London clinics, Sheridan France offers a wide range of anti-ageing treatments. Sheridan herself has practised with top beauty consultants on both sides of the Atlantic during the last 15 years, and all members of Sheridan France team have extensive experience and specialist training in treatments offered at the clinics.

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