Local Vancouver Animal Hospital Urges Regular Checkups

Vancouver, CA – A person’s health should be one of their top priorities; the same can be said for their pets. Just like people, pets can run into all kinds of health problems, especially with age or poor diet. The professional staff at Vancouver Animal Hospital provide wellness and vaccination services, dental care, emergency services, and nutritional counseling. The clinic is Vancouver’s one stop shop for pet health. Recently, the Vancouver Animal Hospital announced a push towards their nutritional and behavioral counseling services with regular checkups, reminding patrons that following a set of sound nutritional guidelines is of critical importance in maintaining optimal pet health.

The professional veterinary staff at Vancouver Animal Hospital are seasoned with decades of experience in all aspects of pet health. The staff is attentive and treats each pet as if it were their own, in every service they provide, be it complex surgeries and emergency medical attention, routine checkups, or just dropping by for a treat. Vancouver Animal Hospital also uses state-of-the-art medical technology, to ensure that every pet receives the best possible care. Their nutritional consultations aimed towards senior pets are a unique service that not every vet in the Vancouver area provides, and which is a part of the Vancouver Animal Hospital’s commitment to all aspects of pet health.

The Vancouver Animal Hospital doesn’t just treat the regular medical needs of local pets, they also provide comprehensive counseling services with their top veterinary staff. The three most common types of counseling provided by the clinic are nutritional, behavioral, and pet travel. Their fully trained staff has years of experience with regards to the regulations and documentation requirements of pet travel, prescribing the optimal diet for weight management in dogs and cats, breed specific behaviors and needs, and problems relating to aggression and training, and have the solutions to those problems. Every counseling session or medical service from the Vancouver Animal Hospital is designed to help owners stay informed in order to keep their pets in the best shape possible, all year long.

“The Vancouver Animal Hospital has been our go-to clinic for six years, and I can’t imagine how we ever got along without them,” smiles Nancy Sutherland, whose cat is a patient with the clinic. “When my cat, Toby, injured his foot last month, I almost lost my head. Luckily, the vets at VAH were there to calm my nerves and listened patiently about the incident. Once I explained what was wrong, they were able accurately assess the situation and told me that he had a minor infection to a cut, and they were able to bring him in to be treated in less than 24 hours. I’m not sure what sort of magic they worked on him, but he actually seems to like going for his regular checkups as well nowadays.”

It isn’t just the state-of-the-art technology, or the professional staff, but the love and dedication to the animals they service that makes Vancouver Animal Hospital one of the top veterinary clinics in the Vancouver area. The clinic is always striving to provide the best care and treatment for the animals they see, and provides a list of services including dental care and several types of counseling to that end. The staff is focused on the comfort of each pet, and makes sure that their clinic is as stress-free and inviting as possible. Vancouver Animal Hospital invites pets and owners alike to stop by for a visit and a treat anytime, as they further their relationships with patients new and old.

To see a list of available services, visit the clinic’s Google+ Page.

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Vancouver Animal Hospital is located at 5253 Heather St in Vancouver, BC V5Z 3L7. The clinic invites patients new and old, and prospective ones as well, to stop by their office, call via phone at +1 (604) 670-7370, or visit their website, http://vancouveranimalhospital.ca/ to make an appointment today. 

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