Local Phoenix Auto Repair Company Takes An Ethical Approach

Phoenix, AZ – When it comes to automotive repairs, many drivers just aren’t sure of the value they’re getting at their current local repair shop. And it’s no secret that many shops overcharge, or perform unnecessary work that the customer is stuck paying for. One automotive company in Phoenix has taken a stand and announced that that’s simply not the way business should be done. 25th Street Automotive takes an ethical approach to automotive repair and harkens in a simpler time of honesty, fair price, ethical treatment, and overall value in the auto repair industry.

Anyone who didn’t already know that the automotive industry has a code of ethics is sure to learn so after a visit to this Phoenix garage. And 25th Street Automotive doesn’t just stop at ethical treatment of their customers; they make sure that all of their employees are treated fairly as well, leading to a lower turnover rate and higher company morale, but something a little more than that as well: people who love what they do and love the place they do it for. This transfers on to the customers, creating friendly and honest service, trustworthiness, and even strong, lasting relationships between customers and mechanics.

25th Street Automotive has awards and a slew of customer testimonials that prove they aren’t just tooting their own horn. The company has based their business on ethics, and that begins with providing a quality repair at a reasonable price, and no more. 25th Street Automotive doesn’t overcharge their customers or tack on extra services and maintenance. Nor do they offer a cheap service that can easily backfire, loaded with hidden costs or conditions. However, they do offer coupons and reasonable rates for repairs on nearly any make and model of vehicle.

“I’ve always been a car guy, but I’ve always been a Christian and a family man as well,” explains Bill Coniam, current owner of 25th Street Automotive. “I believed that you could run a facility with ethics; that treats its staff with respect and provides a cost-effective service to the public. 25th Street Automotive exists as proof that good guys don’t always finish last. Today my staff can make it to a lot of their kid’s soccer games that I’d have missed working Saturdays for my employers.”

Thanks to their fair pricing, attentive customer service, and ethical, quality repairs, 25th Street Automotive is still going strong after more than half a decade. The family owned and operated business was built on a foundation of ethics and quality, and is still going strong today, thanks to that foundation. In addition to their general auto repairs, the company also provides consultations on services, and long term automotive planning. 25th Street Automotive is also one of very few shops in the Phoenix area that can boast of meeting the  Arizona Department of Environmental Quality’s criteria for eliminating and reducing hazardous waste, making them a Green Garage.

About the Company:

25th Street Automotive is conveniently located at 4112 N 25th Street in Phoenix, AZ 85016.

The company can be reached via pnone at (602) 955-2637, or from their website, http://25thstreetautomotive.com/ for more on their services. 

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