Local Company Warns Road Trip Season Is Also Tow Truck Season

New Rochelle, NY – Just because winter is over doesn’t mean car trouble is a thing of the past as well. From punctured tires to dead batteries, problems on the road can happen anywhere and anytime. Now that things are warming up, people are beginning to consider where they want to go on their family vacations; and the most memorable and practical way to go is often driving. There’s nothing quite like being cooped up in a hot car with your family for a few hours. At any rate, be it an easy Sunday drive or a three day trip a state over, car problems can happen in the blink of an eye, regardless of the weather. That’s why New Rochelle Roadside Assistance works year round, 24/7, to provide anyone in the New Rochelle or surrounding areas with fast assistance.

There’s a whole lot more to roadside assistance than tow trucks. Even if someone were to thoroughly check over their vehicle before a long drive, anything could happen. For instance, a collision on the highway may leave a driver stranded, a battery may suddenly fail, or a gas tank could run dry. Whatever the cause, New Rochelle Roadside Assistance will send a service professional to your aid in no time.

In the event that a tow truck is required, most people either contact the insurance company or the local police in order to be set up with a tow truck. But an insurance agent may be miles and miles away, unable to know the best towing services in the area. In which case the agent would probably just locate the nearest one and give them a call on the driver’s behalf. And local police rotate through a small list of local towing services. In the event that the police get the driver a tow, there is always a small chance that they will hold the car for various reasons. New Rochelle Roadside Assistance prides themselves on their fast and professional service, as well as their affordable pricing, effectively beating out most options from insurance companies and local police.

“When you need to buy a new computer, you don’t call your insurance agent and ask for advice,” Derrick Collins, a spokesperson for the company, points out. “It’s the same with roadside assistance. You’re either going to Google what’s the best, or you’re going to ask your friends if they have any recommendations. If you were to do that for a roadside assistance company in this area, you’d learn a lot about us, that’s for sure. Google is going to show you that we’re professionals, and your friends are going to tell you that we’re friendly, all around helpful people who care about the customer’s experience.”

New Rochelle Roadside Assistance offers just about any service there is when it comes to being stranded on the road. They pride themselves on their honest and straightforward business practices. And because tow trucks from the company are all local, assistance generally arrives 20-30 minutes faster than trucks procured by the local authorities or individual insurance companies. New Rochelle Roadside Assistance is there all season long, making bad days on the road just a little more bearable.

About the Company: 

New Rochelle Roadside Assistance is located at 177 East Main Street, Suite 138, New Rochelle, NY 10801.

They can be reached by calling (914) 768-4600 or by visiting their site http://www.newrochelleroadsideassistance.com/

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