Local Businesses Need Local Map Enhancement Services

How many times have you looked out your business window and seen people walk by your store with their heads down, focused on their phones.

Do you know what they’re doing? They’re looking up businesses. If you’re not focused on map enhancement and local SEO, then they’ll keep walking by and right into your competitor’s store. Nobody checks the Yellow Pages, instead, they Google it.

If they want a Mexican restaurant or a plumber, the first place they check are the search engines. By using map enhancement services and local search techniques, they’ll look up from their phones and walk into your business.

Local Map Enhancement No one will know where your store is located if you’re not on the various map services such as Google Maps. It all starts by connecting your store to the map services for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This makes sure that when someone in the area is looking for your business niche, the search engine counts you among local results. What happens when there’s plenty of competition, but not many spots on the search results page? You might be invisible to potential customers. You must go beyond the typical map services and start building your search engine cred. This way you’ll not only be higher in the organic search results, but also the search engine may list your location in local map results.

The main search engines are only the beginning for business listing services and each one carries weight with the search engines. The DCM enhanced map services include not only submitting your business to numerous sites, but also verifying that your information is correct. Building Your Organic Traffic It’s important that customers and the search engines understand where you’re located, especially if you have a service area.

Map enhancement also includes bookmarking on social media sites and submitting articles with anchor links to solidify your position as a local business online. Each business listing, social media account and article submission is a potential conversion for your business. They bring new traffic to your site and build your authority in Google to improve search rankings. This all leads to increased targeted traffic.

You’re not going to get people from three states over or across the country coming to your local site and you don’t want them. You want people from within 30 or 40 miles of your business location.

This traffic is localized and targeted to people looking for your product:


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