Living in Your Sweet Spot: A Very Good Place to Be

When Dr. Pat Gibson began her career, she didn’t realize her path would be not just as a chiropractor but also as a healer providing comprehensive healthcare geared toward wellness with the emphasis on treating the whole individual not just a part of the individual which includes happiness. Now, she has compiled her life’s work into a new book.

Living in Your Sweet Spot is designed to guide you to understand what you do and don’t do to bring yourself closer or further away from your authentic self. It is about all the things that we do to our self to keep us from ourselves, and it’s what she likes to call mischief.  Although mischief has a playful side, it also has a sneaky side.  It’s often the sneaky things that we do that keep us from living our authentic lives and sometimes it’s so sneaky we don’t even know we are doing it. Living as your authentic self is not an end to a journey, but a choice to be on the journey each moment of every day.

Dr. Pat says, “Fate is what you are handed but you are the person who determines your destiny.  Each choice you make to follow your thread or ignore the pleadings of your soul will determine the direction your life will take and what will inevitably be your destiny. Sometimes it takes tremendous courage and sometimes just a simple choice, but knowing that you are the one who is making the choice puts you totally in charge of where your destiny takes you.”

After 30 years of experience with patients, facilitating and developing workshops, and learning her own life lessons, Gibson’s book offers you a comprehensive collection of tools and concepts that will bring you closer to understanding what your mischief is and how to change it.  Living in Your Sweet Spot provides all the information necessary to stimulate, guide and hopefully incite you to address the things in your life that have been holding you back from living the life you want. 

One patient says, “I have known Pat for many years and she has truly walked along my life’s journey with me. She is a healer through her words and actions. With Pat’s help and guidance, I have recognized unhealthy patterns within myself, realized that anything is possible and being truly happy comes from within. I am forever thankful for Pat’s wisdom and gently touch that has helped me stretch and grow and live my authentic self.”

The book will officially launch on May 20 at and will be available on Amazon.

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