List the Thoughtful Designs of Airwheel H3 Smart Manual & Electric Wheelchairs

In congested city, it seems as if Airwheel mars rover makes it unrestricted and the journey to any places becomes shorter. It largely improves people’s taste to life. It has been known by the whole world and owns a bright future. What about the travel of the disabled, the weak and the older? Considering these people’s demand, Airwheel rolled out H3 electric wheelchair.

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Airwheel positioned the H3 automatic electric wheelchair as the personal transport for those who have difficulty in walking, thereby featuring easy operation. Press the button and the power is on, then press the button for another time, the power is off. Push the operational rocker forward and the wheelchair will move forward. The wheelchair speed will be faster as the pushing extent. Slowly release operational rocker, the wheelchair speed will be reduced. The same as the operation of going backward, and turning directions.

Airwheel H3 electric folding wheelchair

To brake, riders need to totally release the rocker, which then will reset. Then H3 folding electric wheelchair will brake and stop. Before your first time to operate this wheelchair, please get familiar with all the functions of this vehicle. Practice the operations like moving forward, increasing speed, reducing speed, stopping, moving backward, moving uphill, downhill and turning direction in a safe pace with less people and good road condition.

H3 folding electric wheelchair

With the front 12.5 inch large wheel in Omni-directional wheel design, H3 folding electric wheelchair’s operation is more flexible with 360 ° steering. Also, it is equipped with natural silica gel anti-collision bar. The back of handle with the design of anti-collision reflects the product quality. It can be stopped and put anywhere. The anti-collision bar effectively reduces the damage of collision and friction to body.

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In terms of safety, Airwheel did much for Airwheel H3. Airwheel amounted the bumper onto the H3. With the bumper, even if H3 hits the barrier, the bumper will serve as a cushion, buffering the outside impact. At night, Airwheel H3 electric folding wheelchair is equipped with the sign lights on the both sides, offering sufficient illumination for the safe ride. Another improvement in size is that H3 can pack away, with one button to fold automatically. Thereby Airwheel H3 can be put into the boot of the private car. Portable package design is easy to solve travel problems.

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