Lionchain: Here is the sixth generation cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have come a long way. Firstly, with Bitcoin as a peer to peer means of conducting transactions in a decentralized ecosystem, to the creation of other altcoins with their different features, and even the creation of utility coins that actually has an intrinsic value.

These days there are over 1000 cryptocurrencies in existence, all of them with a particular feature that makes them unique and differentiates them from other available cryptocurrencies. Lionchain is a unique cryptocurrency and possess a variety of features that make it unique, and differentiates it from older coins, that is why it is called the 6th generation cryptocurrency.

Lionchain possesses all the great features of popular cryptocurrencies while improving on their flaws, a truly new generation cryptocurrency. The development team made up of key members of the Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum development team came together to create this groundbreaking cryptocurrency.

With over 3 years of research and development dedicated to the creation of Lionchain, no wonder they call it the 6th generation cryptocurrency.

Lionchain is built with the latest innovation in blockchain technology, and these features make it stand out from other cryptocurrencies before it. We will be taking a look at these features that make it stand out from other cryptocurrencies and qualifies it as a 6th generation cryptocurrency.

Features of Lionchain cryptocurrency

  • Highly decentralized: Lionchain is a decentralized, peer to peer, open source blockchain based platform, and its token is the LNC. The blockchain system is highly decentralized, and the main aim behind the creation of this platform is the elimination of third parties from financial transactions and every other economic activity.
  • Investment asset: Lionchain has the intrinsic value of being a very important investment asset and can help uplift the middle-class into the top tier of the society. During the Lionchain Initial Coin Offering (ICO), 9.1 million LNC was sold. Those coins are held by users with the aim of making a profit when the asset increases in value.

It is highly possible for the value to increase 15 times since cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. Imagine earning 15 times your investment in a matter of months, that is the best form of investment, and can turn an average wage earning guy into Hollywood superstar status.

  • Cutting-edge smart contract technology: The Lionchain has an inbuilt smart contract technology that is a first of its kind in the cryptocurrency sector. The smart contract technology known as LNCAI  is absolutely advanced and an innovation in the blockchain industry.

This intelligent system is based on a peer to peer protocol, plus a smart contract open protocol revolving system. This technology can perform a variety of complex interactive operations like registration of a transaction, confirmation of that transaction, exchange and even the circulation of a variety of digital assets.

  • Operation Layers: Lionchain is made up of five operational layers that helps the system maintain efficiency. The layers are the contract layer, the application layer, the data layer, the logic layer, and the security layer.

The application layer is the front end of the blockchain app that displays a user-friendly interface from where a user can control their asset. The contract layer utilizes certain contracts in a bid to manage the crypto assets.

The logic layer is basically the source code and algorithm on which the whole system stands. The data layer makes use of the distributed framework to gather information that is stored on the decentralized ledger.

The security layer makes use of military grade security to ensure the safety of user assets.

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