Lionchain Closes Successful ICO for Lion Coin, Proceeds to Next Stage of Value Creation for Global Investors


June 11, 2018 – Lionchain (LNC), which recently closed its successful ICO on February 15 (with 9.1 million coins sold), is now looking forward to creating the next generation financial ecosystem for investment, payments and remittances. Developed by Alpha Blockchain Labs, the Lion Coin is a 6th generation, open source cryptocurrency that combines the advantages of other digital currencies while removing their shortcomings.

A new face of cryptocurrencies, Lionchain and LNC have innovated a new and hybrid transaction, verification and mining system, which combines the POW+ TPOS+ POSL consensus technology. Lionchain aims to address some fundamental challenges of the cryptocurrency world. It wants to create financial freedom for a large number of workers around the world stuck with monthly or weekly wages. It aims to create a remittance system for transferring money at low fees, especially to less developed countries. As an open source, P2P, sixth generation cryptocurrency, it also wants to eliminate all third parties and middlemen.

The advent of digital currencies has led to a plethora of over a thousand coins and tokens, making the overall environment disorganized and challenging for both investors and customers. How should they go about choosing their preferred cryptocurrency? After reviewing and comparing the existing digital coins for three years, Alpha Blockchain Labs reached a consensus to introduce Lionchain in June 2017.

LNC has gone through FCA and FINRA encryption license process, and after over half a year of mining and certifications, it has been launched in February 2018 in the global market. The team at Alpha Blockchain Labs comprises the R&D core members of Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple, and experts and academicians, giving it an edge over competition.

Based on the most advanced mixed block technology, LNC has an optimized Scrypt algorithm at the core. A groundbreaking feature is the intelligent contract open protocol cycle system along with the P2P protocol.

Lionchain is more comprehensive than other digital currencies. Its circulation supply of 99 million is larger than that of Bitcoin. LNC can be used to pay, accept and store any currency, and can be exchanged for legal tenders such as dollar, ruble or euro, and other cryptocurrencies, as well as gold, silver and financial derivatives. Free to use, fast and flexible, LNC is also transparent, scalable, and compatible, and offers a multi-terminal user interface. Users can chose their storage (Android, Windows or MacOS), buy and sell online with no restrictions, and stay secure with military grade encryption and cryptography.

Lionchain is highly decentralized and eliminates third parties from financial transactions. As an investment asset, it has the power to create wealth for the middle class. The advanced LNCAI smart contract technology is an innovation in the crypto world that can perform complex transactions such as registration, confirmation, exchange and circulation of digital assets. Finally, Lionchain is made of five operational layers, including a user friendly interface, that makes it highly efficient.

Among other salient features, Lionchain offers wallets that are extremely secure with special addresses and replay protection. Lionchain is based on its own blockchain, which can interact with both bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains along with others. With smart contracts and artificial intelligence, all nodes receive fair rewards. Lionchain’s online ledger can be connected with organizations such as banks, hospitals, security firms, and universities, and no third parties are involved. Other advantages include low fees and quicker transactions, no pricing or liquidity restrictions, and management and security of user assets including multi-sig.

The future of Lionchain will revolve around business applications and living expenses. A global free trade ecosystem is in the offing that will dock with businesses of shelter and food. LNC is also working towards an ecosystem of applications for multi-industry and multi-dimensional use, giving investors the ability for investment, payment remittance, e-commerce, digital rights and interests, intellectual property and more.

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