Limited version should be better way to enhance the collective value of giclee canvas prints

April 09, 2014-Xiamen, China-Because the high-quality image outputting and its advantages in all aspects of preservation, light resistance, ozone resistance and others, the giclee unstretched canvas prints from XIAMEN CJ PRINTS CO.,LTD have fully entered into the art reproduction industry of world. By the statics of this famous China oil painting prints manufacturer, of their giclee printing could reach Similarity 80% of the original works. The techniques and strokes can be seen very clearly and the color of the reproducing one could be almost the same with the original one. In addition to the high quality feature, the low price should be the most crucial factor why the canvas prints could be accepted by most of art lovers around the world.

Since the cheap canvas prints has lower prices and ordinary art lovers can easily afford it, many fans will care about their collected value. According to the introduction of manager from XIAMEN CJ PRINTS CO., LTD, the general Giclee printings mostly belong to the collection level of art works, which usually have the good quality, most familiar color with the original works and long period of saving time. If canvas prints dropship produced by the Giclee printing technology own author’s autograph and work number, these special art works could meet the needs of consumers to fine art works.

In addition to the oil painting printing, this high end technology could be promoted to the making process of art calendars, relief paintings, small version of the plate painting, notebooks and other products. The application of Giclee printing technology could not only enhancing the value of original works, allowing the art works get wider attention and support, giving more opportunity to these artists who have the genuine creative aspirations but also give the public chance to easy access to the arts and apply these high quality art works to get the beautiful life.

However, some industry insiders also said that the Giclee printing belongs to the form of micro jet printing ( Although the oil painting printing produced by Giclee printing technology good quality and the color of these products are almost identical with the original art works, the printed art works which have the original author autograph will not have the value of art if the number of the printed painting does not have any limitation.

In a word, the giclee canvas printing could also have high collection value if the publishing number of it could be strictly limited.


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