LIMBS International Helps Amputees Get Back on Their Feet With the World’s First Low-Cost, Multi-Axis Prosthetic Knee Designed for Mass Production

El Paso, TX (November 17th, 2014) – In supporting its mission to restore mobility to millions of amputees around the world, LIMBS International has developed the world’s first low-cost, multi-axis prosthetic knee designed for mass production. 

According to the Amputee Coalition of America, the cost of prosthetic limbs, which can range from $5,000 to more than $50,000, is the single most prohibitive factor for many amputees. With this injection-molded knee, LIMBS International aims to reach the mid-range market of amputees who have never before been served. LIMBS International is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing high-quality, low-cost prosthetics around the world.

“It is our mission to help amputees from across the globe get back on their feet,” says Trevor Bergman, Executive Director, LIMBS International. “It is incredibly heartwarming to see the difference we can make in someone’s life by giving them an affordable option for regaining mobility after the traumatic experience of losing a limb.”

The LIMBS knee is crafted with affordable materials, set in a functional design to create a product that is ideal for this market. The composition of the knee makes it very stable and the materials used meet the needs for affordability, strength, durability and resistance to environmental conditions. The unique design also limits wear and failures to allow for local reparability. The resulting knee offers amputees a dependable prosthesis at a price that is not currently available in the market. While the knees require minor maintenance, they have lasted over 8 years on patients.

Currently the technology most commonly used throughout the developing world, which has been the most reliable and low-cost system targeting the low-end of the market, is the ICRC knee. While the ICRC system has experienced heavy distribution, it does have its limitations. In a study conducted by USAID, it was found that 20% of the ICRC system’s failures took place in the uniaxial knee joint. In addition to the failures, it was observed that almost 50% of the patients reported wobbling or slackness of the knee after 10 months (USAID 2010). 

The groundbreaking technology that the LIMBS solution provides is supported by standards that far exceed common practice in the target market environment. The LIMBS injection molded knee is built on the proven technology of the M3 Relief Knee, LIMBS inaugural device, to establish a product that costs less than $100 to produce. 

LIMBS International is actively seeking to raise funds for this project in order to cover production cost and the first run of 2,000 knees.  LIMBS International will then contribute the excess commercial profits to continue their mission of helping amputees go from limbless to limitless by providing donations of this knee to amputees throughout the developing world who cannot afford to pay for assistive devices.


LIMBS International is dedicated to restoring mobility to the more than 11 million amputees around the world by engineering low-cost, highly functional, sustainable prosthetic solutions, while empowering students and engaging communities.

Currently, LIMBS International has established training centers and partner clinics in Kenya, India, Ecuador, Bangladesh, Senegal, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Guatemala. 

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