LIGHTS, CAMERA, TOYS: Michael Marlin To Interview at NPR, Promoting the ‘CHRISTMAS DREAMS’ USA Film Release

Toymaker in both “CHRISTMAS DREAMS” and in real life, Michael Marlin, will tape interview with NPR on October 16, 2017.

Los Angeles, CA – October 11, 2017 –

Pioneering entertainment for 50 years, Marlin has another first.

Just in time for the upcoming holiday seasons, TriCoast Entertainment is excited to announce that Michael Marlin, (aka Marlin) stars the new USA’s sparkling dance film, “CHRISTMAS DREAMS”.

Directed by Andrew Repasky McElhinney, “CHRISTMAS DREAMS” spreads the holiday joy through its message about family, friendship and love.

Marlin’s role is crucial, as he embodies several important “CHRISTMAS DREAMS” characters, the iconic ToyMaker Drosselmeyer from “The Nutcracker” and the Mandarin Magician, to name two of six. Despite dissimilar roles, each of Marlin’s characters place emphasis on the importance of love, following your dreams and the gift of giving. 

Marlin embodies the magical essence of Willy Wonka and the wisdom of Merlin.  For half a century he has quietly pioneered the entertainment field creating new genres and continues to create firsts in his field. He produced his first show at age 9, ran away with the circus at age 18 and tended elephants, graduated Ringling’s Clown College and appeared on national television at 21, innovating and the ancient art juggling by adding stand up comedy.  He was the first comic/juggler to ever play Las Vegas (circa 1983) and later the first to play Hollywood’s legendary Magic Castle. His work would influence a generation of jugglers who followed him.

Marlin continued to trail blaze juggling within different facets of the performing arts. He was lauded by the LA Press for his multiple character roles in the LA Chamber Ballet’s, “The Little Prince” and was a regular guest soloist with the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, where he was commissioned to create interpretive juggling to classical music.

After a successful career he sought to reinvent and left show business to live in a tree house of his own making for five years in the jungles of Hawaii. From that experience was born LUMA: Art in Darkness a pioneering work in theater that was done entirely in the dark using illuminated technologies. Since 1989 Marlin’s brainchild, a show about light done in the dark, has played 5 continents, 15 countries, and over 300 performing art centers throughout America and spawned a number of similar shows.

Christmas Dreams is another first for both the film and toy industry, as Marlin is the first real toy inventor to play a toy inventor in a movie – embodying “art imitating life”. 

“CHRISTMAS DREAMS” and delve into the similarity between his character of the Toy Maker Drosselmeyer and his own career as a toy inventor. Marlin invented  “Slingerzz: The Original Coil Lasso” that mimics a tail of a monkey that can grab objects at a distance or be launched to attach to a target. Slingerzz is but a single toy that Marlin has prototyped where some ended up in his theatrical production, LUMA: Art in Darkness that has been touring since 1998 and been seen on five continents. Marlin really is “Out-0f-The-Box,” which happens to be the name of a new project he is currently working which is a series about toys, games and play, from around the world and throughout time.

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Due to his immense love for children, happiness and toys has led Marlin to receiving the Presidential Volunteer Service Award, awarded by President Barack Obama, for his work in the Boys To Men mentoring program. 

Shortly after Marlin’s interview NPR on October 16th, keep your eyes and ears open for its air date to hear more about Marlin’s life as an actor and real-life toy maker, as he discusses how his ability to bring unique joy and true gifts to all viewers. Marlin’s roles in “CHRISTMAS DREAMS” restores youth and magic in those of all ages, guaranteeing a whimsically wise energy that will turn your home into a winter wonderland for the holiday seasons.

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“CHRISTMAS DREAMS” will be available for DVD purchase exclusively at Wal-Mart on November 7, 2017.

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CHRISTMAS DREAMS (2015, 90 min.) Directed by Andrew Repasky McElhinney. Editor: Ron Kalish. Cinematographers: Cecil Thomas. Original Music: Michael Rapp. US, English. TriCoast Entertainment.

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