Let’s Shop! Debuts on App Store and Google Play

Free shopping list app promises to eliminate pantry waste, makes shopping intuitive, collaborative and easy, hence saving money

Let’s Shop! A collaborative free shopping application debuted on the two most major application stores of the world, Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

The idea is simple and relevant – to make group events, household grocery shopping easy, eliminate waste and save multiple trips to the shopping store said Debajyoti Roy, co-founder of Let’s Shop!

Though similar name applications are there, users are encouraged to look at the logo, which consists of a pink, blue and yellow animated humans with happy bags floating around.

Roy added, “I saw this frequent problem of forgetting the preferred brand, duplicating purchases and making multiple trips to the grocery store in our household or when an event like barbecue or a group picnic was planned. So basically this app gives you a Personalized, Collaborative and Easy-to-use shopping experience.

Let’s Shop! Will be adding more features in months to come and Roy promises it will be a forever-free application.

For more information: https://letsshop.mobi

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/YPVVBWv4DVA

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