Let you know those China NBA players who already gain the championship rings

May 15, 2014 – China – In general, the NBA playing ground only has small proportion for those Asia players. The main reason is that the fiercely NBA playing process is not suitable for Asia people’s physical condition. It is indeed that Asia people is not better than most of people from Europe, Africa and America. But, the above description is only the static, the real situation is that there were also some excellent China basketball players such as YAOMING who already entered into NBA and some of them even got the NBA championship ring. Now, the famous championship rings online seller ringofchampion.com will introduce with each friend those China players who got the NBA championship rings.

The first China player is the famous Sun Yue who already got one replica championship rings during the season from 2009 to 2010 and his team was Lakers. The main reason why he could get this ring is that he totally played on the playing ground for 12 minutes 43 seconds. This number already beyond the regulated time in accordance with the provisions of NBA championship rings.

The second one is the famous China basketball player Battelle. He got this ring from 2002 to 2003 season. During this season, he accompanied with his team to win the NBA Finals. Frankly speaking, he could be regarded as the first Chinese athlete even the Asia athlete who got the NBA rings.

Some people should have the feeling that the above players are very lucky. It is indeed that they do not have good skills and physical condition to get more scores in the game. The main reason why they could get the ring is their team’s winning for the final match.

However, that is not to say China basketball player only relies on their lucky factor. Other China player YAO MING really achieves good performance in NBA. However, YAO MING did not lucky enough to get one piece of genuine NBA championship ring.

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