Let the professional engineer tell people main parts for today’s popular 5D cinema showing system


April 18, 2014-China-People who begins to read this article should firstly see this word “5D films”. Maybe most of you already experience this very amazing and exciting entertainment project. Nowadays, with people’s ore deeply chasing for sensuous stimulation, the new movie type 5D films already become new favorite of these consumers and the young investor. So, how the amazing effect of 5D films could be created? It is indeed the contribution of the high quality 6D cinema theater and system. Today, the technician from China famous 5D cinema equipment and theatre Guangzhou Xindy Animation Technology Co., Ltd will detailed introduce each composition of this amazing entertainment creator.

The most crucial part of the 5D cinema equipments and system should be the environmental effects system which is also the big distinguish between the 5d film and the traditional film. The main role of environmental effects is to match with the movie screen. For example, when people are watching 5D movie and the movie playback rain scenes, the special effects system will produce the rain situation; when the film is blowing wind, the audience will feel a synchronous wind; when it is fogging, the actually fog will also surround the audience. The special environmental system mainly include bubble machine, water maker, wind blower, snow machine, smoke machines, strobe, air compressor and others which could help the 5D cinema theatre create rain, wind, snow, smoke, lightning, and other feelings.

The other crucial part should be the seat effects system. This part could let audience feel the bumps, tremors, whipped up and down (www.7dcine.com). When all audiences are watching adventure and horror films, the effect of special seats should be very obviously. For example, when viewers are watching videos for roller coaster, the seat could make the audience feel the feeling of ups and downs and they will experience the excitement through the mountains in the rapid shuttle.

The core part of 5D cinema theatre should be the audio and video effects system. Main components of this system include the metal screen, high definition projector, rack, playing server, control cabinets, screens, subwoofer, main speakers, surround speakers, amplifiers and other equipment.

In addition to all main four parts, the park cabin 11d cinema from Guangzhou Xindy Animation Technology Co., Ltd also include the software system including the special effects action movie editor, video player, synchronous control system, motion effects and environmental effects system. All professional software could be mainly achieved in high-profile computer, cylinder, monitor, cabinet and so on.

After all above description, each reader should have fully understanding about the 5D cinema system. If people have full interesting in investing to this area, please contact Guangzhou Xindy by the following information.

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