Lemon Law Attorneys Making Lemonade and Champagne out of Lemons

Car owners all over the place have one big worry – what happens when their expensive car refuses to start less than two years after buying it, despite numerous trips to their trusted mechanic known for their effectiveness and somewhat car-whispering skills? Do people receive compensation? Well, thanks to lemon laws, people could get a replacement of the identical vehicle, get a refund, reimbursed for damages, and they could get punitive damages. But for any of this, they must have a lemon law lawyer as an arbitrator. This is where Lemberg Law comes in – they will help people get the compensation they deserve.

Understanding the laws

Most people give up on their cars because they are unaware of the laws that protect them. While lemon laws differ with the state they are living rule, the laws apply a similar principle. In case people are new to this, a lemon refers to an irreparable car, basically, a car that refuses to start/ run despite their attempts to revive it or resolve the problem. Note that the defective car is only a lemon if their mechanic is unable to fix one recurrent problem, often because the car is defective. If this happens to them, hiring a lemon law lawyer to help people resolve the issue with the vehicle is their best bet.

When are laws applicable?

Despite varying state laws, the laws cover all new cars although effectuation of the laws takes place if a car is proven to be defective in less than 2 years or if the odometer readings are below 18,000 miles – whichever comes first.  Often, these laws apply to personal or family cars, as well as off-road vehicles, RVs, trucks, and motorcycles.

This law is applicable as long as people have taken their vehicle for fixing the same problem multiple times.  The laws also require that people take the car for repairs at least twice for the serious safety defects and at least 4 times for other serious and repetitive problems. Their car is also considered a lemon if it gets out of service for at least 30 days,

Do the laws apply when people have had the car for a year or two?

Sometimes. If visitor’s car is deemed defective two years after purchase but visitor’s state’s laws are not applicable, the federal lemon laws will come in to rescue him. The federal legal action implemented follows the provisions under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act which covers products with a warranty over $25.

Lemon laws and used cars:

Several states have lemon laws that apply to used vehicles. And if visitor’s state does not apply the laws specific to used cars, visitor should engage his/her lemon law attorney as other laws protect defective used cars.

What can you do to make the process easier?

Even with a case people can win in minutes, they should keep their logbook, keep a record of all their communications, track the performance of the vehicle, keep a record of the days the vehicle is unavailable as well as repair records, written correspondence, and make use of the internet. People also need to know their rights.

About Lemberg Law Firm:

Lemberg Law is a consumer legal firm that specializes in lemon laws (as well as personal injury, fair labor, and debt & credit) across the state of Connecticut. Their experience makes them the ideal professionals to have as arbitrators if people have a lemon.

For more information, kindly visit https://www.lemberglaw.com/.

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