Legal Marketplace Explains How Business Attorneys Can Help You in Today’s Business World

Business owners have many roles to perform in their workplace and are called just as many titles: “boss” when a problem arises; “banker” when it’s time to hand out paychecks; “programmer” when there is a glitch in the network; “stock broker” when securities and employee equity are being distributed, and just too many others to mention.

Who can possibly perform all these tasks PLUS run a business? Well, no one. That’s why many companies have at least one lawyer in their iPhone list of contacts.

Speaking of lawyers, even they divide the aforementioned categories into sub-specialists.

You might consider hiring an attorney for the following issues:

• Audits – To business owners, an audit is just as bad a word as anything that involves four letters. Your best bet is to hire a CPA and a tax lawyer early on to prepare for if and when an audit happens. Tax attorneys will know what qualifies as “business income,” if you need to pay out-of-state taxes if you run an online company, how to manage employee taxes, and what deductions you qualify for.

• The Employee/Employer Relationship – Chances are you have at least one employee. An employment lawyer can help you draft an employee handbook, which is like having insurance to protect your company from worker complaints. Your lawyer can guide you in what you should include for your specific industry including behavioral expectations, dress codes, methods of reproach, mobile device parameters, benefits, payment information, grounds for termination, and a list of employee responsibilities written out. If a conflict does arise, your defense is that much stronger if a worker wants to file a lawsuit against you or your company.

• Securities and Employee Equity – Stocks and equity are great ways to strengthen your business; the former allows investors to buy shares in your company and reaps a profit at a later time. The latter allows your employees to claim some ownership in the company while securing their loyalty to your brand. A securities lawyer can help set up these complex programs.

• Protecting Your Intellectual Property – The unique ideas behind custom software and databases; distinctive musical, literary, and artistic works; discoveries and inventions constructed by a manufacturer; or words, phrases, symbols, and designs all create your branding and without these things that make you original, you won’t stand out to your customers. That is why an Intellectual Property Lawyer should be a valuable team member in one’s business.

Robert Frost once said, “By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day.” What Frost failed to mention is that if you go one step further and own your business, you’re looking at fourteen hours. However, with the help of a good and well-rounded business lawyer, you just might be able to take some of the burden off your shoulders and have a modicum of a social life.

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