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The “LED billboard market” is projected to grow considerably in the near future. Market growth can be attributed to increasing digitization in advertising. Higher marketing budgets of companies positively impact the market. Also, market’s aim at delivering better customer experience has boosted the adoption of LED billboards.

The global LED billboard market value is expected to grow significantly over the forecasted period owing to the increasing digitization in the advertising world. The market has seen its revenue rising because of the expanded marketing budget of the companies. The objective to improve the customer user experience and make advertising more appealing to them has seen the wide adoption of LED billboard and thereby enhancing the industry growth.

A digital billboard displays digital images that are continuously changed with a time interval of few seconds by a computer. Digital billboards allow their users and advertisers to customize their advertisements or messages as per their demand and need. The messages can be designed as per their wish which makes their advertisements especially relevant to the mobile customer and others. They are bright and eye-catching and convey multiple messages at once.

Digital billboards offer next generation platform for advertisers which allows them to interact with customers, create custom content and make maximum impact. In an era of social media where digitization is the buzz word, the frequency of advertisements on LED billboards has increased at a significant rate. This, in turn, has created a unique experience for the customers thereby helping the industry to grow further.

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LED billboard technology has revolutionized the electronic industry as its saves time and effort for many industry players. The advertising companies are now able to schedule and attend multiple clients per day and offer them customized services at a reasonable rate. The companies can sell more advertising to different clients at the same place because of the use of technology which makes their work efficient and effective.

Global digital advertising is expected to surpass television advertising during the forecasted period. The increasing presence of customers on social media has forced the industry players to switch their mode of communication. The wide adoption of digitization is because of its coverage which helps to interact with large customer base and convert them into a potential user. The digitization has also brought in the need for billboards which are used on highways, streets and in various sporting events as a marketing tool to appeal to a larger set of people. The demand for billboards in various applications has helped the industry to grow further and expand.

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The industry apart from its numerous advantages also faces challenges which limit its growth.The concerns regarding the safety on roads due to the presence of billboards have raised questions which have limited their use thereby impacting the market growth. The federal highway administration (FHWA) conducted a study to review the effects of LED billboards on highways & roads and discovered that there is no effective method or technique to evaluate the effect of electronic billboards (EBBs) which catches the drive attention or distraction. However, studies have suggested that digital billboards often pose a negative impact on driver attention due to its flashy nature. This has forced the government to take mandatory regulation against the usage of LED billboards at such places and limited the growth of the industry. However, the digital billboards are not simple branding exercise but also alert drivers to time-sensitive opportunities and force them to take action.

The recent food and drug administration (FDA) regulations which are in compliance with the government has made the restaurants use digital menu boards which provide the ability to segment on-screen content to allow space to list menu items and pricing as well as external advertising and in-house promotions.

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The market by region finds its major presence in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. North America is the largest market for the industry and contributes to the maximum share regarding revenue. The region is expected to be dominant in the forecasted period because of the increasing robust innovation, continuous research and development along with the sophisticated policies of the government. Countries such as USA and Canada have been the major contributor towards regions growth.

Asia Pacific is the fastest growing and emerging market for LED billboards market. The increasing urbanization and need to connect with the customers as the region offers many potential customers have made the industry players to adopt LED billboards as a marketing tool. Countries like China, India, and Japan where the large consumer base is present has helped the region to flourish through its consumption of billboards.

The key players operating in the market and holds the major market share regarding production includes Formetco, Daktronics, Outdoor Billboards, Prismview, Eurodisplay, Fliphound and Watchfire signs. These companies are creating their existence alive by working on differentiation strategy. Their brand promotion and regular innovation play an important role in increasing their sales volume and maintaining their dominant position.

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