LeaxCoin makes history with the launch of Ambassador Programme for its ICO

Decentralized global currency for the real estate industry, LeaxCoin, announces the launch of its ambassador programme

LeaxCoin is a blockchain-based decentralized global currency that aims to enhance the operations in the real estate industry by eliminating or at least significantly reducing real estate transaction problems. As part of the creators of this unique solution’s goals of taking the blockchain technology-based solution to every nooks and cranny of the world, an ambassador programme for the initial coin offering of the LeaxCoin was recently launched.

The real estate industry is a profitable one and has witnessed tremendous growth across the globe in recent times. While a steady increase in the number of stakeholders, which include investors, traders, agents, buyers, and sellers, is a positive for the industry, it has also brought some challenges with it. One of the major problems currently facing the real estate industry has to do with having seamless, safe, and convenient transactions, with the use of traditional payment methods making it difficult for the needs of the different stakeholders to be effectively addressed. This led to the emergence of Leaxcoin, which aims to solve this problem using the blockchain technology.

Leaxcoin is an open source project designed by a global community of totally self-funded and high qualified developers, engineers, designers, academics, economists and Blockchain cryptography enthusiasts, who have committed to taking the Leaxcoin to the main cryptocurrencies and making the decentralized technologies fully accessible to everybody.

The recently launched ambassador programme is designed to spread the word about the Leaxcoin initiative while providing an avenue for creative and solution-minded people to change the real estate industry for the better.

Described as “The real estate Evolution,” Leaxcoin adopts the Ethereum blockchain technology in collaboration with a global community of real estate specialists and experienced developers as well as people that are passionate about the cryptocurrency space, in this case, Leaxcoin Ambassadors.

Being a Leaxcoin ambassador comes with amazing benefits including hourly payment, and a prize at the end of ICO, percentage for all processes and real estate transactions within the ambassador’s country, and a chance to participate in the Ambassadors Exclusive Mobile Phone Interaction Group. Other benefits of the ambassador programme include the right to voting for decision-making to improve the LeaxCoinform plant and a chance to be a part of the selection of Community Managers for the representative’s country.

The ambassadors will be responsible for representing the community of their country, supporting brokers and ensuring real estate transactions run smoothly. They will also be able to suggest ways of meeting the specific needs of their country to ensure the growth of the community and the real estate industry.

More information about the Ambassadors Programme and how to be a part of the “evolution” can be found on their website – https://leax.io/ambassador-programme/

LeaxCoin is also available across different social media platforms including Twitter and Telegram, with details of the Leaxcoin available in the whitepaper.

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