Learn what Accountants are not Disclosing with this 2018 Tax Planning Strategies Template! Plus Workshops with Biz Excel Templates

Trying to understand tax issues can be very difficult. With the new 2018 tax reform, it becomes more crucial to stay on top of your tax situation.  With the mathematical complexities involved, a lot of taxpayers choose to shy away from this knowledge.  Now there is a solution to understanding how the 2018 tax changes will affect you:  it’s a pleasure to inform you that Lifestyle CPA, creators of  Biz Excel Templates will launch their 2018 tax planning strategies templates and workshop series beginning on the 31st of August.

Are you a business owner? Now is the time to expand your knowledge of 2018 tax law changes. Here are some key things Biz Excel Templates  will help you understand better:

  • Best ways to structure your business for optimal tax savings
  • How much to pay yourself?
  • Whether or not to make large investments this year or wait till next year.
  • The newly qualified business tax deduction.
  • And much more…

Whether you run a structured business as a sole proprietor, partnership s corporation, or c corporation you will be able to perform business structure analysis as follows:

  • Schedule C versus S corporation analysis.
  • Partnership versus S Corporation analysis.
  • S corporation versus C corporation analysis.
  • C Corporation versus S Corporation analysis.

Due to the new tax law this year, your old business structure might not be the best way to save on taxes.

As a BONUS you will receive the following templates:

  1. A tax compliance calendar that can be uploaded to google calendar. Never miss a tax deadline again
  2. Paycheck calculator
  3. Annual wage Tax estimator
  4. Expense tracker for schedule c
  5. Invoicing template
  6. Mileage Tracker
  7. Time card template
  8. Reimbursements templates

Don’t wait till 2019! Save on taxes by planning now! You will get valuable information you and your accountant can use to make the right decisions for you. Enroll for the workshop and get the templates.

To learn about Biz Excel Templates

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