Leading Slip Ring Manufacturer Launches Website

Dealing with this company can be advantageous in a number of ways

USA, April 9th, 2014: It can be said that the internet is the best resource to purchase all types of products and services at affordable prices. For people who are looking for good quality slip rings, leading slip ring manufacturer now is available online through its official website. Here customers can find information regarding the various slip rings, slip ring assemblies and products that are available with this company and how to contact them.

This slip ring manufacturer is known for quality products and excellent customer service. There are a number of advantages of dealing with this firm, the first and www.aoodtech.com foremost being customer service. When purchasing products online it is very important that the company one purchases from is reliable and is easily approachable. This firm has both these qualities; the customer service of this company is professional and fast. The customer service people are professional, trained for the job and are skilled. More importantly their service attitude is good and they make it a point to respond within 24 hours to a customer’s query before as well as after the sale of product.

The website says, “The key of customer service at AOOD is professional, fast and precise. AOOD service team are well trained, possess skilled professional slip ring connector know-how and good service attitude. Any problem the customer mentioned, it would be responded within 24 hours whether before-sale or after sale.”

Another advantage of dealing with this slip ring manufacturer is that it provides quality products. In fact, every product comes with a one year warranty which means that in case of problems with the product or its parts, the defective part is replaced within that one year warranty period. The problems that warrant replacement include: defective or damaged parts due to bad packaging or during transportation, defects in material or improper manufacture or design and in slip ring assembly case the slip ring fails to work under the conditions specified.

Another advantage of dealing with this slip ring manufacturer is its R&D division which has been in business for the past 14 years. Here people can get slip rings specially designed to suit special conditions like corrosive environments, etc. To learn more about the company and its products visit http://www.aoodtech.com/

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This company has been in slip ring manufacturing business for 14 years and has experience in manufacturing slip rings used in a number of diverse fields. The advantages of dealing with this firm are they provide quality products and good customer service.

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