Leading Shaving Products Brand Loretta Green LLC Announces The Release of their New Shaving Soap With Shea Butter And Coconut Oil.

11 May, 2018 – Loretta Green LLC proudly announces the release of their newest Henry Cavendish Himalaya shaving soap. The company produces and sells shaving products with the finest quality with a goal to give the most comfortable, toxin-free shaving experience obtainable.

Loretta Green LLC is a fast growing company whichhas captured the heart of many with the production of high-quality shaving products and are perfectly ready to use for ladies and gentlemen.

Their products such as Henry Cavendish shaving soap with Shea butter, Henry Cavendish Gentleman’s 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush, a ceramic shaving mug which is a perfect partner to the soap and brush, are all used with excellent reviews.

The new Henry Cavendish shaving soap with Shea butter and coconut oil is long lasting made from natural ingredients and packaged to 3.8 oz puck refill size. The shaving soap creates a rich and creamy lather, softens beard for a smooth shave, comforts and soothes skin for silky results. The addition of Shea Butter and coconut oil leaves skin feeling smooth and nicely moisturized not oily.

The soap does not dry or irritate the skin like other shaving soaps, shaving creams and gels do and come with a minimal light scent which is fresh without being artificial. The classic Henry Cavendish shaving soap with Shea butter and coconut oil has an overwhelmingly high number of positive reviews as each buyer narrate their love for the product.

“Although I have only used two other brands of shaving soap in the past, this is my new favorite, and I am very pleased with it. It lathers quickly and easily, and minimal scent. It does not irritate my skin and as with most good shaving soaps, makes for a better, cleaner shave and does not dry the skin as much as ordinary shaving cream. Highly recommended,” says a buyer.

A great shave is all about the right product, and Loretta Green LLC offers its unique shaving products with a great during and after shave experience. The company has excellent customer service, and products can be purchased on Amazon and goods are delivered in value and on time.

For more information, visit: Lorettagreen.com/az

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