Leading MA Ophthalmologist Offers Multiple Options for Cataract Surgery

Effective and Safe Cataract Surgery Offered by John Frangie MD in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

Patients in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut that require cataract surgery should always be fully informed. Leading MA ophthalmologist John Frangie offers several options for cataract surgery and treatment, which you can read about here http://www.johnfrangiemd.com/eye-procedures/cataract-surgery. Dr. Frangie strives to educate patients regarding options available, why one solution may be better than the other, and if a procedure is necessary.  

Three different cataract surgery options include single focus IOL (Intraocular Lens Implant), astigmatism-correcting IOL, and multifocal IOL.

Single focus IOL is the standard implant utilized for cataract surgery, offering the eye to see at a single focal point. With single focus IOL most patients experience the greatest improvement in long-distance vision, whereas intermediate and short-distance viewing may still require contact lenses or glasses. 

Astigmatism-correcting IOL may utilize either specific wound construction or a Toric lens implant, or both. This option may offer greater improvements to intermediate-distance vision, in addition to long-distance vision. 

The third choice is multifocal IOL, which is the latest generation of cataract implants and is seen as the most all-around effective treatment option. This type of cataract surgery offers vision improvements across the greatest range of distances, from short to long distance. 

After the correct course of action is determined by the eye surgeon and patient, the procedure itself is typically straightforward. Most patients are surprised to learn that the procedure may take 30 minutes or less, and that recovery time is minimal as well.

John Frangie MD emphasizes utilizing the latest high-tech solutions, and also continually works to offer the safest and most effective forms of treatment. This has earned John Frangie the reputation as one of Western Massachusetts preeminent eye surgeons. 

To learn more about  the best course of action for your cataracts, visit JohnFrangieMD.com. To schedule an appointment with the leading Western MA ophthalmologist, John Frangie, call 413.363.2732. 

About John Frangie, M.D. and the Northeast Laser Center 

Northeast Laser Center opened in 2001 and John Frangie ensured that it was one of the first to offer “No Blade” LASIK. Northeast Laser continues to lead the way with an all bladeless all the time approach to LASIK, and continues to offer the latest  technology and treatment to its patients. Additional services offered by John Frangie MD include eye exams, lens implants, treatment for Keratoconus, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and more. Visit Dr. Frangie and his practice online at JohnFrangieMD.com, or call 413.363.2732 for more information.

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