Layout and ambition of Matocol hidden under the underlying protocol

People may have heard about Matocol, and the top word that comes with it is “underlying technology protocol.” So what is the underlying technology protocol for blockchain, and how is it different from other blockchain projects?

It seems that all industries are talking about “Blockchain +”. In fact, these  projects are divided into three levels: the underlying technology and infrastructure layer, the general application and technology development layer, and the vertical industry application layer. Now take a look at the underlying technology layer that Matocol lies on.

Just like the operating systems of  computers or mobile phones, underlying technology will provide open source code for all kinds of applications, so that developers can develop their own applications based on the existing system architecture. The underlying protocol is a complete blockchain product that maintains network nodes and provides only for Api call. This level is the foundation of blockchain. In this level, network programming, distributed algorithms, encrypted signatures, data storage and other technologies are used to build network operating environments, build transaction channels and set up rewards rules for nodes. A typical example is the well-known Ethereum

Matocol Protocol is based on four design principles to balance the interests of e-commerce platforms, merchants and consumers:

Decentralized: Matocol Protocol will create a decentralized e-commerce platform for developers based on blockchain technology. Platforms based on Matocol Protocol process the autonomous management of merchants, consumers and platform. The e-commerce platforms will no longer control the resources, so that the rights and interests of merchants is determined by consumers’ rating, and the consumer will have the right to review merchants under effective privacy protection. For the service enterprises engaged in e-commerce, the e-commerce platform based on the Matocol Protocol can save the advertising cost and high fee of intermediate links, which leave more profit space for merchants, and more preferential policies to consumers.

Tamper-proof: Matocol Protocol allows data such as consumer reviews, transactions, account information of merchants and consumers on the e-commerce DApp platform to be stored on the blockchain. Since blockchain has the characteristics of tamper-proof, anyone including merchants, platform can’t modify the real reviews of consumers, so as to protect the interests and rights of all parties.

Information symmetric: scores reflect quality and cost-effective of the commodity while consumer weights reflect the behavior of consumers on the platform. The governance mechanism of the Matocol Protocol enables buyers and sellers to receive the correct information, so that the merchants don’t have to worry about fake reviews, and consumers don’t have to worry about buying fake products. The merchants can’t brush reviews any more, either.

Open and transparent: the weight of consumers and the overall consumer reviews are open and transparent. There will be no room for either party to violate the benign ecological environment.

It can be seen that the Matocol team has the same pattern and ambition as Ethereum. Matocol team will promote the blockchain technology and its application in the field of e-commerce from the system level.

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