In the past in New York state, if you had a mold problem in your home, you would call a mold remediation company who would come, assess the situation and provide information on what should be done and the cost of doing it. Not anymore. New York State now requires that all testing and inspections for mold be performed by a licensed and certified third party mold assessor.

Why make this change?

William Powers of Powers Environmental LLC tells us, “First of all, like a number of other states in the country, New York was concerned about inspectors having the latest training and credentials. Furthermore, they were concerned about eliminating any possible conflicts of interest with mold remediation companies determining what needed to be done and verifying that work was satisfactory after completing their work. This was prompted in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy when unscrupulous remediation contractors would enlarge the scope of what needed to be done and, at the end of the process, would proclaim that work was complete when they had not sufficiently cleaned the environment prior to the owner returning to their home.”

The new approach ensures that the size of the project is limited to only what needs to be done.  A licensed mold assessor (inspector) is paid his charge which does not change whether there is mold or not or the size of the area needing remediation.  Therefore, he can serve as an independent adviser on exactly what needs to be done.  Also, at the end of the process he can perform what is termed as “clearance testing” to determine using air quality samples whether the contamination caused by mold has been sufficiently cleaned by the remediator. 

Mr. Powers continues, “The state now requires that all inspections be performed by certified third party companies. The law forbids remediation companies from doing their own mold inspections. Basically, no one company can do both inspections and remediation.”

He adds, “This way the homeowner and insurance industry both win. The testing service simply submits its non-biased report of its findings to the homeowner, who then selects their own remediation company.”

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