Launch For Dr. Dee Carroll’s New Book, Emotional Emancipation, A Success

Dr. Dee Carroll, author of Emotional Emancipation: Step Into Your Freedom, Reinvent Your Challenges, and Move Beyond hosted a book launch event on August 23rd at the Woodmore Country Club in Bowie, Maryland where she shared stories and strategies from the book with her audience. Dr. Carroll said, “I am so grateful and thankful to God first of all, and to each of the esteemed individuals in attendance at the launch of Emotional Emancipation to help celebrate this very special occasion!”

Over 160 esteemed attendees came from all over the area, including Preeminent Security’s Lena Bell, CEO, 1st Million Dollars’s Arly Johnson, COO, and Corporate Title’s Veni Williams, Esq..

Participants enjoyed food, live entertainment, and personal testimonies from many of Dr. Carroll’s close associates, family and friends. Like Marian who said, “Listening to Dr. Dee talk about overcoming adversity was so inspiring because we all have those time sin our lives, and it’s just so good t know that you come out on the other side.

There were a number of attendees who travelled from other countries, like Faye who travelled from Canada, “I have flown all the way from Canada to attend this launch because I heard just how phenomenal this book is and I am so thrilled to attend and meet Dr. Dee in person!”

And Malvina who said, “I purchased three copies to share with my sisters and family because I want to share this incredible message of inspiration and overcoming with those who are so special to me.”

Dr. Carroll has an upcoming Ted Talk titled Emotional Emancipation, just like her book.

“This has been a life changing journey for me and those very close to me, and I want it to be a life changing journey for every single person, man or woman, who reads my book. This is for you, so that you can release, recover, restore, and reinvent your life to achievement!”

Emotional Emancipation: Step Into Your Freedom, Reinvent Your Challenges, and Move Beyond is available online and wherever books are sold.

About Dr. Dee Carroll:

Dee Carroll, Ph.D., is a speaker, coach, and consultant dedicated to helping people liberate themselves from their past and reinvent their lives. After a devastating setback in her own life, Dr. Dee beat the odds to recreate a beautiful life for herself and is determined to help others do the same. As the Emotional Emancipation Doctor, she aims to lead you to success, empower you to achieve your goals, and guide you to where you want to be.

As a seasoned life coach, Dr. Dee is passionate about working with individuals, corporations, and small businesses to achieve their goals. Through her unique tools, you or your audience will learn to unlock their full potential. Dr. Dee encourages her clients to set attainable life goals while shifting their perspective to implement them.

About the Book:

Emotional Emancipation: Step Into Your Freedom, Reinvent Your Challenges, and Move Beyond (AlCinde Publishing, July 19, 2018) is available, in print and ebook on and wherever books are sold.

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