“Last Great Queen?” By Unity Elias Yang Features the Powerful Real Story of Queen Elizabeth

“Last Great Queen?” is a book by Unity Elias Yang that reflects on the role played by British Empire in world history.

Yaounde, Cameroon – May 4, 2018 – Unity Elias Yang is surely one of the most gifted writers to have ever come from Cameroon, Central Africa. He is known to write freely on a widely range of topics such as political matters and physical sciences. Unity Elias Yang also excels in writing children’s books. Some of his notable works include The Third World, Where Is It?; Your Baby’s long journey to school; A Global State through Democratic Federal World Government; Little Anita visits the Bank; Women’s and Children’s Chambers of Parliament: Democratizing representation centuries after Aristotle and Children and Citizenship class 1 to 6.

In his latest book “Last Great Queen?” Unity Elias Yang focuses on the importance of British monarchy and the positive role that it has played in shaping up the world over last several hundred years. In his book, he has argued that Elizabeth II is the last representative of a great royal family that shaped up the world in which we stand in. The British monarchy is certainly different from all the other royal families in the world. It is therefore no wonder that that the pre-colonial Kings of Cameroon felt strongly motivated to approach Queen Victoria and apply to her so that in turn they might colonize them.

Being a part of the British Empire certainly came with its own share of advantages. While the monarchy is considered to be rather outdated in modern times, it certainly did play a special role in making sure that the various nations of the world had a strong backbone and structure based on which they can thrive. From the very beginning, Elizabeth II has been a great model of feminine elegance and excellence. She has served as a major example to young people who might come from humbler backgrounds but should regard themselves as princes and princesses of the families in which they all have been born.

Queen Elizabeth II knew from the very beginning the great task she had in front of her and how she was destined to become the ruler of a large kingdom. She believed in training herself appropriately for her role as the right kind of training can enable a person to accomplish any goal in life. She had the courage and fortitude to go ahead and marry the first person that she loved, even being part of a family where many marriages are performed purely due to political reasons. In this way, she became the ideal role model for young women all over the world who should marry the person that they love. Queen Elizabeth also trained as a driver and a car mechanic, in spite of her wealthy and affluent royal background.

This speaks a lot about her character and shows that she had the courage to go through the training in skills that are traditionally considered to be a man’s domain.

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About Unity Elias Yang:

Unity Elias Yang is a gifted author from Cameroon who has written the book “Last Great Queen?”, a book that showcases the life of Queen Elizabeth II. 

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