Landmark Clinical Trial Shows that the Strategic Use and Combination of Certain Antibacterial, Antiprotozoal and Antifungal Drugs May Cure Cancer

The discoverer, cancer expert Dr. Frank Arguello, has formally made the offer to donate the patent of his “Atavistic Chemotherapy” invention to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Initiative.

Frederick, MD, United States – June 8, 2016 – According to an ongoing clinical trial, the strategic combination of common anti-bacterial, antiprotozoal, and antifungal drugs may result in the complete regression of inoperable and metastatic human cancers.

Dr. Frank Arguello, Director of the Atavistic Chemotherapy Clinical Trial, a former Assistant Professor of Oncology at the University of Rochester Cancer Center in Rochester, NY, and Investigator at the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Division of Cancer Treatment & Diagnosis in Frederick, Maryland, explains that “it may seem illogical to use drugs intended to kill fungal, protozoal, or bacterial cells. However, the cell is the most basic form of all life on Earth. All cells living today, including ours, are related descendants of a common bacterium-like cell ancestor present on Earth 3.5 billion years ago. Biochemical pathways and segments of DNA sequences in our cells date back to a time of single-celled life in the Precambrian era (>700 million years ago).

The trial, formally registered with the National Institutes of Health as “atavistic chemotherapy,” is based on a hypothesis postulated in the 19th century by British cancer surgeon Herbert Snow, who theorized that cancer was an atavism. “When a plant, animal, or a human being re-expresses functions or structures that existed in past ancestors in the line of evolution and that had disappeared millions of years ago, the phenomenon is called ‘atavism,’” explains Dr. Arguello. The word comes from the Latin word root Atavus, which means ancestor. Recognized atavisms in humans include: the re-appearance of tails in children; full body hair; multiple nipples following the mammary line similar to other lower mammals; quadrupedal walking; and even the presence of reptilian hearts as reported in recent medical literature.

In 1893, Snow made this visionary statement:

“We need to remember that our bodies are formed by minute cells, which were at one time, for all practical intents and purposes, protozoan organisms such as the amoeba. Cancer is just a process of de-evolution of our cells back to that amoeboid cellular state, becoming once again a parasite or, rather, autosite.”

Dr. Arguello explains, “This does not mean cancer cells are once again amoebas or bacteria cells, but rather that a chemical or physical carcinogen has triggered a normal body cell and its progeny to re-express primitive fight and survival genes, which are stored in the genetic memory of all living cells.”

Dr. Arguello reasoned if cancer cells are truly re-expressing primitive cellular functions and survival strategies analogous to those used by our ancestral single cells, then cancer cells should be selectively susceptible to drugs that affect the molecular and metabolic functions of bacteria, protozoa, and fungi. In 2011, Dr. Arguello published a book on this concept entitled “Atavistic Metamorphosis: A New and Logical Explanation for the Origin and Nature of Cancer” and initiated pivotal clinical trials to evaluate a variety of antimicrobial drug combinations and dosages in patients with terminal cancer.

“I have optimized this new drug-based approach to a point that we have achieved complete cancer regressions in six patients with stage IV breast cancers, two patients with stage IV melanomas, a patient with colon cancer, and one with throat cancer. Many other patients have achieved partial responses and prolonged their lives. We are truly on the verge of having a humane, effective, and inexpensive way to treat cancer,” said Dr. Frank Arguello.

Dr. Arguello offered to donate the patent of his treatment to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Initiative. “I’m willing to give away the intellectual property and trade secrets that protect this discovery or invention as long as my clinical trials are further evaluated and validated and the treatment is made available to cancer patients around the world,” said Dr. Arguello.

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