KuulAde – About to release a brand new album, “Simplicity” and introduces single “Mr. Telephone Man”

KuulAde is a talented new artist who is about to release his debut project.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/4CNhcYJ8gFk

With a great focus on energetic hip-hop, G-Funk and vibrant R&B melodies, he set out to develop a personal and insightful approach to songwriting, creating compelling tracks that strike a chord for their balance of witty lyrics and memorable melodies.

KuulAde’s aforementioned debut release is actually titled “Simplicity,” and it is a groundbreaking and highly anticipated full-length album. The release will be officially available in 2018. He released 3 singles before the album release: the first is titled “If I Could Create a Woman,” which was released on February 23, 2018. The second is titled “Mr. Telephone Man,” featuring Nicole Funk, produced by beat masta wes, and co-produced by Garrett hoy

The song set to be released on June, 15 2018. The third is titled “City Lights,” and it is coming soon, leading to the release of the album. You can listen to Mr. Telephone Man ahead of its release via the following link!


This song is a perfect example of his sonic vision and aesthetics. This production is balanced, direct and forward-thinking, with a sound that feels refreshingly modern, yet organic and natural like a classic from the golden age of hip-hop and G-Funk. In an industry where many musicians seem to follow the same age-old cliches, it is refreshing to come across an artist who uses music as a mean of self-expression, connecting with the audience on a much deeper level.

Find out more about KuulAde and definitely do not miss out on his upcoming music!

If you enjoy sounds by artists as diverse as Ice Cube, Drake or Slick Rick, you’ll love this:




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