Kurosuke Adventure will Take Players on a Gameplay Journey of Epic Proportions

Welcome to the Kurosuke Adventure world!

Kurosuke Adventure is a brand new tactical game that will soon be released on the Google Play app store by publisher Ubinuri. Players will guide a loveable character in an adventurer hat through a number of challenging missions that measure running distance, acquired items and money. However, the biggest challenge is merely surviving the dynamic stages one at a time.

“We’re excited to release this game because it introduces new, exciting characters and adventures in a gameplay format that players will instantly identify with,” said Ubinuri spokesperson Lena Kwon. “The variety of challenges will keep people of all ages entertained for hours on end as they try to master all aspects of this engrossing game.”

Players are immediately introduced to an intuitive platform setup displaying game options and offering an introductory tutorial for any aspects of the game that may seem unclear.  Gamers will then meet Roy, a black ball shaped character, dressed in his best safari gear and ready to team up to go on the gaming adventure of a lifetime.  There will be other playable characters introduced as people work their way through the challenging levels waiting ahead.

Characters can earn points and complete a variety of tasks to upgrade throughout the journey, along with acquiring items and tools that will aid them in clearing obstacles and solving the puzzles of jungles and other dangerous settings.  Between rickety bridges and dangerous area bosses, players will have their reflexes, intuition and critical thinking skills challenged to ensure survival.

“The game is extremely robust when compared to other games as far as the variety, depth and detail of the levels and characters,” said Kwon. “We wanted to ensure that players will feel connected with the characters and also invested in the experience itself. There are many layers involved to completely mastering each stage, which gives hardcore gamers a variety of different angles to play from and to keep enjoying the game again and again.


• Adventurous Gameplay

• Unlockable Characters

• Multiple Stages

• Bright and Dynamic Display

Device Requirements

• Requires Android version 2.3.3 and up

Pricing and Availability:

• Price: US $1.99 (Paid)

• Kurosuke Adventure is available for paid through the Google Play Store:

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