Kuester Management Group Reveals Best Bets for Summer Water Savings

The property management experts at Kuester Management Group share some insights into summer water conservation.

Carolina summers tend to bring with them high temperatures and ample humidity—both of which can take their toll, not just on homeowners but on their lawns and gardens, to say nothing of their utility bills. In fact, many homeowners throughout the country find that their water bills increase significantly over the summer months, especially if irrigation systems are in use to keep lawns lush and green. According to the association management pros at Kuester Management Group, however, there are some simple yet effective steps homeowners can take to reduce water waste. The company shares some of these tips in a new statement to the press.

“Our team works to build strong, prosperous communities and to preserve property values,” comments Bryan Kuester, president of Kuester Management Group. “Part of that is ensuring that homeowners associations can communicate helpful tips and solutions to their community members—including tips about conserving water, lowering utility bills, and ultimately saving money. We hope association members will offer some of these insights to their neighbors.”

According to the Kuester Management Group press statement, one way to conserve water during the hot summer months is to implement the correct lawn and garden tools. For instance, a standard hose and nozzle will lead to copious amounts of wasted water—including water that’s lost as mist or as runoff. Instead, homeowners should water their grass and their plants with a soaker hose or a sprinkler wand.

Of course, overwatering is another cause of wasted water. Generally speaking, lawns need about an inch of water each week to survive, though in the warmer parts of South Carolina a full two inches might be more appropriate. The best rule of thumb is to keep the soil lightly moist, and also to keep eyes open for signs of wilting—but to avoid simply watering the lawn past the point of necessity. A related tip is to avoid soaking the plant’s leaves or watering past its root zone; this is simply a waste, and does little or nothing to help the plant stay hydrated.

Mulching is encouraged, as it helps plants to retain moisture—but according to the Kuester Management Group team, homeowners should regularly inspect mulch for crusting-over, breaking up these crusts with a rake. Crusted mulch actually prevents moisture from reaching the soil, which can in turn lead to wasted water.

A final tip for homeowners eager to keep their lawn and garden water waste to a minimum: Water in the mornings. Watering when it is still relatively cool outside prevents there being too much water lost to evaporation. Watering in the evenings or at night is also acceptable, but runs the risk of fungus formation.

“We hope that homeowners in Carolina communities will find these water- and money-saving tips to be helpful this summer,” Kuester concludes.

Further homeowner tips and strategies can be found at the Kuester Management Group blog, regularly updated and located at www.kuester.com.


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