Kuester Management Group Highlights Strategies to Boost Engagement in the HOA

Kuester Management Group shares tips for getting homeowners more involved in HOA activities and decision making.

Homeowners are at the heart of the HOA. They are the ones that run the board, recommend improvements, pay dues, plan activities, and interact on a daily basis. But sometimes it can be challenging to get more homeowners involved. They may feel that they don’t have the time or that their opinion doesn’t matter. Kuester Management Group has released a statement to the press regarding ways HOAs can increase engagement and get homeowners more actively involved in what is happening within the community.

“Everyone comes into an HOA community with a different experience,” says Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “For some homeowners, it’s their first time living in a neighborhood with an HOA. Other members may have had very good or very bad experiences in such situations previously. Having a welcoming committee to greet new members, provide essential documents, answer questions, and help them adjust can be a valuable asset.”

Welcoming committees provide homeowners with their first impression of how the community functions. Getting off to a strong start and letting members know the benefits of living in an HOA and all of the resources and amenities available to them can help build a positive impression and entice them to be more involved in what is going on.

“Having a highly effective and efficient board is another key factor,” says Kuester. “Ensure that the right people are in the right positions to effect change. Have processes in place so that HOA meetings run smoothly and decisions are made in a timely manner. Make sure to address topics that members have brought up, or improvements they have recommended. Show members that their opinions and feedback are heard, valued, and taken into consideration.”

Members are more likely to be engaged if they know it matters – that what they have to say is not falling on deaf ears, and that their input makes a difference. Create committees where members can see change happening and know that they are doing important work, not mindless tasks. Giving regular recognition for the work that members do is essential as well. Everyone can benefit from a little praise, and it can help boost morale.

Holding community events allows homeowners to get to know one another and create connections. It puts a face with a name and promotes conversation. Homeowners may find that they have more in common than they realized and want to see the same things for the future of the HOA.

“Maintaining transparency and ongoing communication is critical as well,” says Kuester. “Let members know that the board is working with them, not against them. Explain the rationale behind decisions, update members on progress, and keep them in the loop. Provide plenty of opportunities for them to be a part of things in a variety of ways. Remind them that serving on the board isn’t the only option.”

Kuester Management Group supports HOAs with communication, administrative tasks, planning, and much more to create effective, efficient, and enjoyable communities.

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