Kuester Management Company Advises on Happy, Peaceable HOA Living

Kuester Management Group provides some insights for more contented and peaceable HOA living.

For homeowners who have never lived in an HOA community before, the experience can initially prove jarring. While the individual may own the home itself, the Association retains the power to call many of the shots and to rule on what the homeowner may or may not do with the property. This disconnect can lead some homeowners to feel frustrated by the confines of HOA living. In a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group seeks to mollify these homeowners and to offer a few tips for more peaceful and contented HOA life.

“When you are new to life in an HOA community, it is worthwhile to reflect on exactly what the Association is for,” comments Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “Remember that the HOA Board is made up of fellow homeowners who have the same goal as you—namely, to maintain property values and to ensure that the community is safe and enjoyable for everyone. There is common purpose here. Even when HOA life frustrates, it is helpful to remember this.”

Kuester advises homeowners to make certain they know all the HOA rules and expectations. “Hopefully, you received written copies of all HOA rules and regulations when you first moved in—but if not, obtain them as soon as possible and review them in their entirety,” comments Kuester. “Most of the rules and regulations are going to be very common-sense, but just being aware of them helps you avoid inadvertently bending them.”

Homeowners may find some rules and regulations to be undesirable—and if so, Kuester encourages them to attempt to change those rules. “Go through the proper channels,” he explains. “Submit a written request to the Board, or better yet, volunteer on the Board yourself.”

Community involvement is also important. “Serve your HOA community in some way, perhaps on a committee,” Kuester advises. “And attend social events, getting to know your neighbors—including HOA Board members—a little better.”

Concludes Kuester, “Maintaining open lines of communication with the Board, making sure you know what is expected of you while also constructively voicing your own concerns, is paramount.”


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