Kryptoin ETF Systems Files Provisional Patent for Cryptocurrency ETF Platform with USPTO

Kryptoin ETF Systems, an innovative blockchain fintech company with a vision to bring Decentralized ETF Smart Contract platform to retail and institutional investors, has obtained a Provisional Patent from the US Patent Trademark Office (USPTO) effective, April 27, 2018.  

The patent: “Kryptoin Exchange Traded Blockchain ETF Token System and Method to Facilitate the Creation and Redemption of a Cryptocurrency Portfolio” (62/663,941), outlines the development of a system and method to exchange trade cryptocurrencies and tokens and settling it on a distributed ledger. Catering to both the retail and the commercial investor, the Kryptoin ETF system is mainly designed to fulfill the needs of the latter.

True ETF Modelling and Performance

Kryptoin’s system involves an ETF token that is integrated with participating exchanges. The token acts and functions in the same way a conventional ETF does and provides the maximum amount of cryptocurrency exposure with minimal risk along with great liquidity. These tokens and assets can be exchanged and traded at a Kryptoin Trading Desk or liquidated on a digital exchange. Trading the ETF token on an exchange enables it – just like a true ETF – to act independently from the actual basket of underlying assets while still being tethered to it by the creation and redemption mechanism.

Architectural Components

Kryptoin’s system distinguishes itself from other closed end funds (CEF) and Index funds with their patented creation and redemption exchange traded process. This key component allows for the integration of many groundbreaking applications.  


The Megawallet application allows different blockchain nodes to be integrated into the system. Kryptoin intends to integrate hundreds of blockchain nodes to best represent the assets in the market with the launch of new indices and ETFs in the upcoming months.

Other capabilities include:

  1. Secure Assets Under Management (AUM) for Issuers
  2. Trading Desk to capitalize on Discounts and Premiums on NAV
  3. Retail exchange and quotation system

Trading Desk

The Trading Desk is an essential part of the Kryptoin ecosystem providing both liquidity and the necessary hedging tools in order to function as a proper ETF desk. The trading desk is currently integrated with two very prominent cryptocurrency exchanges: Bittrex and Bitfinex; more promising is in how Kryptoin is planning to integrate with most major exchanges in the future through their respective API protocols. These open source protocols allow for instantaneous price evaluation and trade capabilities between other exchanges, which open up the potential for arbitrage between various exchanges.

Blockchain Smart Contract

The Kryptoin Blockchain 10 ETF Token is an ERC20 Ethereum token. However, the company is exploring faster and more scalable blockchains to represent their tokens. 


Kryptoin strives to be a catalyst that helps merge the traditional and digital currency markets. Kryptoin has full intentions in becoming the modern benchmark authority for the Cryptocurrency Market. It intends to compile and make sense of most of the new technologies and cryptocurrencies being offered. Kryptoin will extensively, cohesively, and consistently compile, create, and maintain indices to accurately represent all the various aspects of the cryptocurrency market.

Kryptoin has had a head start having gained the help of current ETF Indice founders, leaders, advisors and analysts from the industry.

Upcoming Initial Token Offering

With growing interest from conventional financial institutions and with fund managers waiting on the sidelines for a more mature cryptocurrency market to enter into, this type of investment vehicle and benchmarking system will be particularly attractive to such players. Having obtained a provisional patent, Kryptoin ETF Systems is now poised to become a well-positioned market leader in the cryptocurrency market.

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