Kryptocoat™ launches best surface sealer in the world

Kryptocoat™ has announced the launch of their newest product, the world’s best surface sealant that cleans, protects, enhances and preserves any surface. The user just needs to shake the bottle well, spray Kryptocoat™on the surface and wipe it off with a micro-fiber towel and then buff it using another micro-fiber towel. This product can be used for cars, motorcycles, boats, aircraft and much more.

Kryptocoat™ is a high-quality surface sealant that leaves no water spots after cleaning. It saves water and may as well replace the traditional ways of cleaning car using wax and other cleaning products that use a lot of water. A 16 oz bottle of carwash can clean & coat upto 5 cars while the protective coating lasts 3 to 5 months. It can be used on different surfaces including glass, rubber, paint, plastic, leather, interior and more, making it a multi functionality cleaning product.  The product contains no harmful chemicals and being water based, it is environment-friendly too.

Kryptocoat™ carwash can be applied to hot or semi-wet surfaces as well. After cleaning, the user can leave the haze on the vehicle for upto 3 days before it buffs off itself. It not only resists dirt and moisture but also finger prints if used on chrome and glass surfaces. The product is also suitable to be used as a home cleaner for electronics, glass windows etc. All that a user needs to do for using this product is spray, wipe and buff.

About Company

Krypcoat™ is a Texas based company that specializes in creating high-quality surface sealants. They create their products keeping in mind the consumer requirements which make them put quality and affordability the main priority while creating a product. The company comprises of a team of expert professionals and researchers who develop products with innovation using fine materials and ingredients.

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