Announces New Healthy Alternatives to Table Salt has announced new healthy alternatives to traditional processed table salt.

Foodies and salt loves are going to love this news. has announced new healthy alternatives for traditional processed table salt.  Kosher Salt provides gourmet food grade salts that are indeed kosher as well.  At you can order a wide range of exotic kosher salts from around the world.

Some of the salts carried by Kosher Salt include the famous Fleur de Sel salt that is uniquely harvested at the top of the sea’s surface.  This salt is so rare that for every 80 pounds of it’s counterpart Sel Gris that is harvested, there is only 1 pound of Fleur de Sel.  This goes a long way to show the high grade of the salts.

A spokesperson for the website stated “We believe that by providing a healthy alternative to traditional table salt, we will help remove the bad image that has been surrounding salt lately.”  He went on to add that “ carries only gourmet food grade salts that are indeed kosher grade.”

The overwhelming amount of processed table salt is alarming.  Studies show that regular processed table salt is harder for the body to digest and actually makes us retain water.  The processed salt of today hold no nutritional value, while traditional sea salts and kosher salts contain all of the trace elements and minerals nature intended. is the premiere destination for those seeking a healthy alternative to salt.  Some of the other salts that they carry are red alaea salt, black lava Hawaiian sea salt, and Himalayan salt.  They are always looking for new exotic salts that are kosher grade to add to their selection and encourage any interested vendors to contact them.

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About Kosher Salt:

Kosher Salt is an exotic kosher salt and sea salt company that is dedicated to providing high quality salts that are gourmet food grade and kosher grade.  They currently carry 5 exotic salts that are all high quality and from around the world.

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