KLF International, Inc and Konsta Companies Releases Additional package for Venus Factor

KLF International, Inc and Konsta Companies are pleased to announce the additional facts and growth reports about Venus Factor nutrition and exercise program. In spite of rumors to the contrary, Venus Factor has the components which women will find effective in a comprehensive weight loss program. The program is a common-sense approach to safely and effectively lose weight, while maintaining a feminine body shape.

Losing weight and getting into the best physical shape can be one of the most enduring and most challenging thing in the life of many individuals, millions of people from every part of the world always find the best ways to get out of the misery of losing weight or keeping fit. This is challenge has turned to a multi million dollar industry with thousands of digital and shippable products but this Venus Factor has been one of the most outstanding and surviving eBook and Program any individual can ever utilize to get into the best body shape.

Three components make up the program. The first is a customized nutrition program with software and an instructional manual which provides recommendations based on the height, age, weight, body shape and current fitness and activity level. The Venus Factor program offers recommendations for daily food choices, sample meal plans and calorie goals. It also includes information on macro-nutrients, such as protein, carbohydrates and fats. An unusual feature of the program is that recommendations change weekly as the body changes.

The second part of the program is structured workout information. The recommendations are designed to work with customized nutrition guidelines and with the current fitness level of the customer. Multiple whole body workout videos are offered each week to provide both cardiovascular and muscle toning benefits. The video database has more than 140 offerings to follow throughout the program.

The third component is community support. A custom mobile app provides access to the entire set of programs for exercise and nutrition on mobile apps. The app includes the ability to connect with a private community of other members taking part in the Venus Factor program.

Learn more about the Venus Factor program by paying a visit to the web pages at here today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Venus Factor at the location provided below.

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