Killer Mosquitos Have Gone Digital & What Does This Mean For You?

Simplest Step By Step Guide For Generating A Second Income Online
This time last year when I was out for dinner on holiday in Mexico we were getting bothered with mosquitos and no joke, my friend pulled out his phone and searched for an application on his phone that would get rid of mosquitos and to my surprise there were actually a few applications out there. And after choosing one of those applications the mosquitos were gone in a few minutes. It’s obvious the changes technology is making are great but our jobs are not really matching this change.

Gone are the days where you go to university, get a degree and work for a company or three and then retire when your aged 60. This doesn’t work anymore. There are many well-educated people who can’t find a job and have salaries that don’t seem to keep up with the cost of living and for the most of us employees, we’re suddenly expected to put in extremely longer hours or risk being reduced to manual labour and replaced by more efficient technology.

In case you haven’t noticed the world we live in today has completely changed. Which is also a good thing! For example, you can be at a restaurant enjoying a good meal and after dinner, order a taxi with a touch of a button and have that taxi waiting for you when you’re done. And all you had to do is download an app.

Did you know that according to AIER’s (American Institute For Economic Research) cost of living calculator the average household income in the USA in 1990 was an average of $52,664.00 per year. Yet, by 2015 we were making an average of $56,156.00 a year. That’s only $3,533 in 25 years. This doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a former qualified accountant like myself to realise that most people like you and I are facing a tough battle with rising prices not matching our incomes. If we start taking things like inflation into account, e.g. a dollar earned today is worth a lot more than a dollar earned 25 years from now, then to just breakeven with what we earned in 1990 we would have to be earning $98,036.00 just to match the cost of living with today’s date.

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Even if you’re well educated and find a safe and secure job, the chances are that you’re probably not earning enough money to support your family and save for retirement at the same time. As things stand, many people are finding themselves between 40-60 years old really trying to make ends meet and that sucks. So, what do we do about it?

We, as individuals, really need to start adopting a different way of thinking and really re-educate ourselves so we can at least embrace these changes. Thankfully, there is unlimited ways we can beat the current system which seems to not be working. We can do this by using the technology I was speaking of earlier. The past three years myself, my partner and my young brother have been traveling the world whilst running an online business as we go. We quickly became known as the online lifestyle entrepreneurs after launching our first website back in 2014.

When we think of someone making money on the internet, we often think of people like Mark Zuckerberg. Whiz kids from Harvard or techies launching a start-up in their garage to make it as an internet entrepreneur, right?

While those may be the people we hear about most often, they’re absolutely NOT the only people making fortunes online.

A lot of the time, they didn’t even create the idea for their own businesses.

They simply followed someone else’s proven plan and cashed in.

It’s a lot like the investing world. The vast majority of people at AbundantResultsOnline who make money online:

  • Find people who are getting the results they want
  • Research these successful people’s strategies
  • Follow the strategies step-by-step and get the results for themselves

My team and I have decided to help as many people as possible break into the online world and figure out how you can make a living around whatever it is you’re passionate about. So, what we are doing is packing together our very best online training steps that we have accumulated over the years, for free, with help from our own personal mentors who have helped and guided us to get started online successfully. Until this day we’re still students and give back to the community.

If you’re wondering why we are giving this for free, it’s simply so we help make people aware, that you do in fact have options to start a business online for extra income or even replace your current income to give you more free time to spend with your loved ones or do other things that you love to do.

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